Friday, July 03, 2009

SWF - Plus Our Very 1st Harvest! (Sorta)

I love the rise and fall of our Long Island Sound tides,
and they've been particularly high of late.
Overlooking the 14th hole of Shorehaven Golf Course
on one of our few semi-sunny days.
(Click pics to embiggen - much better!)

To the left....

And to the right...

On another note, there has been tremendous growth at our CG plot!
Well, except for the pepper plants.
What is UP with the pepper plants???
If they don't start growing soon, I'm ripping those suckers OUT!

Our very first harvest!
Three pea pods!
We cannot feed the masses...yet...
(Hope springs eternal, tho!)

expect anything!

LISound photos: 6/29/9
CG photos: 7/2/9


  1. Marvelous shots! That's a lot of water! And your garden looks great! Hope those peppers get their act together soon!!

  2. Very wet. I thought I was looking at rice paddies at first.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  3. I love peas... I see many more flowers so more is on the way!

  4. I woke up to something similar, storms. I hope not everything suffered.

  5. Now that's a HIGH tide, wow! Long Island Sound always sounded (pardon the pun) like a lovely name and now I see it's a lovely place. Have a great weekend.

  6. Great photos!! My Dad would have loved to have played that course. He was golf obsessed. Hold tight for those peppers. They are coming. You are about three weeks behind us.

  7. Beautiful Sound shots! How'd you fix those peas?;)

  8. Love these .. what wonderful panaramammmmmmas .. and those peas, I bet they tasted sweet .. be nice to the peppers, maybe they need encouragement .. give 'em a pep(per) talk!

  9. Great photos...that first shot is gorgeous...alot of standing water so there's been alot of rain liked the rain..

  10. Any peas I've grown have never made it to the table. Yum!

    Love the golf course picture!

    Have fun in MO. See you in a couple weeks (I love saying that)!

  11. Lots of water, but beautiful scenes!

    Happy 4th of July - Be safe & GOD BLESS!!!

  12. oh, that beautiful.

    congrats on the garden - it's looking great. sorry about the peppers - I really love a beautiful red bell pepper.

  13. Ann: What lovely skies you have shown.
    Three pea pods, did you eat them on the spot or share them?

  14. I've heard that Miracle Gro makes an ORGANIC fertilizer now. That might just the thing for your peppers. Don't give up yet.

  15. Mother Nature just redefined water trap. Wow.

    Three pea pods. I am thinking cuisine on the order of "Waiting for Godot." But that is marvelous.

    I hope those peppers grow.

    There is corn here in Woodbury that can't be a foot tall. Scary!

  16. Love those tide shots! Give the peppers a chance....they are your lesson in patience apparently.

  17. Are there nasturtiums there?

    Pepper plants start slow in my opinion. Almost no worth it, but when they FINALLY get produce, SO much better than the store. (Mine are ALWAYS slow, even when everything else is good.)


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