Saturday, July 25, 2009

The World According to Stella



expect anything!

P. S. See those four pitiful looking baskets of what are supposed to be lush and gorgeous petunias? They were - lush and gorgeous that is - until I took my little side trip to Missouri. The two hanging baskets are both in spots that get no rain...and no one thought to look and see if possibly they were wilting. The two that are on the pedestals do get rain, but wouldn't you know, the week I was gone was the week we had the least rain, and no one thought to look at them. I keep on watering them hoping for a miraculous resurrection, but my hopes are being dashed upon the cruel rocks of despair. They were so beautiful once...(sigh).
Stella has thanked us profusely for taking those bushes out (remember "Give a guy a chainsaw"?). It gives her an ideal place to watch her world even under rainy conditions. We are always happy to oblige our Stella's every desire!


  1. The guardian of the castle. She looks so regal standing there.

  2. I just love her view of the world!!! Gorgeous!

  3. Stella!!!!

    Hey there, girl.

    Looking forward to coming up to see you and Lauren some time in September. It's like that song:
    See you . . . in September . . .

  4. Oh she's such a sweeties .. I will not scream out STELLA when I see her!

  5. Another dog doing her job well!
    Stunning shot. It made me smile.

  6. Stella has a beautiful vista in her world.

  7. She has a very lovely view of the world indeed.


    When I read your posts about Stella or see Kate's posts about George, I miss so much more, not having a dog around the house. All these darned cats we have around here need a dog to keep them in line. As if! Oh well, I'll just sit and patiently wait out turn on the Newfie rescue list.

    You have a beautiful garden, btw.

  8. Stella's yard is immaculate, I am impressed that she's able to get those straight lines with the mower.

    If I were her, I'd be kicked back in that rocking chair which looks so comfortable. It's a good day for kicking back.

  9. Love me some Stella! Did you miss her when you were in Virginia?

    The Brute Squad strikes a similar pose when they survey their world, but they never get the mowing lines that straight.


  10. Your hostas look great, even if the petunias don't. I never have much luck with petunias. They get so leggy and require to much attention. No one at my house notices if things need watering either. Stella has the right idea...sit and enjoy someone else's work :-)

  11. oh ms stella - what a beautiful view you have

  12. I think the petunias might come back with pruning, water and TLC.

  13. The rest of your yard is so lovely though. Maybe they will come back. Maybe.


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