Thursday, July 09, 2009

More Sweets & A Little Night Music

It amazes me that one sweet pea plant can have so many different colored blossoms - and on one plant! No true blue but every other shade in between blue and red. Above is a closeup of the bouquet dad picked for mom Tuesday. The vase they're in is a beauty that Bari Precious (and yes, that really is her name) of Precious Pots created - all of her ceramic works are wonderful. I'm pleased to tell you they all came home this afternoon! All is good. And it look's like it's finally only going to get better. Slooooowly better. But better all the same.

Cody and I went down to the edge of mom and dad's pond last night to ~commune~ with nature. Well, I communed. Cody thought it was her sworn duty to protect me from all the swooping bats, white catfish and frogs in and around the pond. Speaking of frogs, at one point I could make out at least five different frog songs. It was quite a lovely symphony. And so very very peaceful. I also slept well that night, again without Cody as she was still taking care of Dad during the night since mom was still in the hospital. I fully expect to have my roommate back with me tonight. That tickles me pink!

Though the sound isn't the best,
here is a little taste of the froggy night music. Enjoy!


expect anything!


  1. Oh, those sweet peas are the sounds of your short video!

  2. So glad that everyone is home and on the road to will rest easier and so will Dad and Mom. Loved the froggy symphony and I want some of those flowers!

  3. Lovely sweetpeas! Don't think I have ever seen so many different colors. Love the "night music" too.

  4. So sorry that M&D have not been well. But, glad all are together again.

    60years, ain't it grand!!! My Dad used to surorise my Mom with her favorites too!

  5. Lovely flowers - I can almost smell 'em from here, just outside of DC, where I'm beginning to think about possibly frantically packing for next week's Blogfest! See you on the Bay...

  6. Bats? I think not!

    So glad that your mom and dad are on the mend and that we'll see you at blog fest. Enjoy your symphony!

  7. So much fun to meet you IRL!! You just MUST move back here. You'll love it. Just think, you could sit by that peaceful pond all the time.

  8. Oh Cody is such a good boy ... and those frogs are worthy of Ed Sullivan

  9. I love that night music, especially out at my parent's farm w/ a bonfire roarin'! Very very cool!


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