Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Community Garden Clean-Up's Begun!

Well, I began the cleanup.
But I just couldn't bear to pull up the nasturtiums.
They're still so beautiful!

Or the habanero (I think) peppers.
They might not ever turn yellow or orange,
but I'm keeping them on the vine until the very
last day we can have plants in our plots.
And that's this coming Sunday, Nov. 1st.

Above taken as I was walking to our plot this past Sunday.
Embiggen the photo and you can see how
huge the nasturtiums have gotten!
(Our plot is the one behind the wooden frame.)
The eggplant and pepper plants still look beautiful,
but they're not producing like they did.

After the removal of the tomato plants and cages,
and the now non-producing bean plants.
I tried to save as much of the nasturtiums as
I could, and couldn't bear to take the other
healthy plants out.
Alas, next Sunday all will be gone.

It's been fun!


expect anything!


  1. So glad your garden plot was a success.

    it was good to see you on Friday. And Sunday.

  2. It looks as though you've had a really fun gardening season this year. Much better than my weed ridden garden. :) Hooray!

  3. **sigh** We are getting ready to plow our under. I had to buy fresh tomatoes for my salad this week :/

  4. I am sad to see the season end too....I have only my lowly parsley still in the planter. My zinnias have not quit yet either. I love them so that will be sad for me.

  5. Looks like you had a great season. Just think, next season will be here before you know it.

    I find it easier to just buy my vegetables haha. That actually may have something to do with my NON green thumb? or perhaps I am just lazy.

  6. Pluck those nasturtiums and add them to a salad ... and maybe if you'd cut back the other plants they'd have eked out a few more veggies .. next year ... you know for a miserable rainy start this spring, you got quite a harvest!

  7. Look at how much of a gardening expert Daryl is! It is/was a beautiful spot you have!

  8. I think you did really great with your community garden! And the nasturtiums are beautiful! I love their color!

    Have a great day!


  9. Ann: You must have been spared the frost and freeze that we have had. The garden still looks really healthy.

  10. Nice! You sure had a great harvest.. and a longer/later season than our frost-bitten vegetation.

  11. I remember the start of this garden and it was a sad little affair due to the soggy spring. But look at it now! I can't bear to pull our nasturtiums yet either.

  12. It's always sad to see the end of growing season.

    I can't believe your garden got so big after its meager start!

  13. Such a shame to remove stuff that is still growing! What's their hurry??


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