Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stormy Sky

Wish I could paint what
My mind tells my fingers to...
There's just no ~connect~.



expect wishful thinking at times

Photo: Stormy Sunset on Lake Champlain, May 2008


  1. beautiful... and thats why we have cameras... cause most of us cant paint :)

  2. Just beautiful. I love a stormy ski especially in black and white!

  3. No need to paint with brushes .. you paint with your camera .. see there is a connection from your eye to your finger tips.......

  4. and this is exactly how I feel today...great photo.

  5. A picture of water calms me every time. Remember last summer when a bunch of women got together.....;)

  6. I don't think the paintbrush could translate nearly half as beautifully as that photo.

    Daryl is right! Couldn't have said it better myself.

    Still though, amazing shot.

  7. Gorgeous. Two themes, stormy weather and calm waters. Two colors, black and white. Love the juxtaposition.

    And now that I've used the word "juxtaposition" I have to take a nap. The functioning portion of my brain is overburdened.

  8. Who needs to paint when they can take pictures like this! I just love this Annie!

  9. You painted it with the camera and it is lovely. The sky is so interesting and dramatic in B&W.

  10. I've never seen Lake Champlain and this is a wonderful photo in b&w.

  11. Imagine this same sky over a desert and that's what we had today. It rained most of the day & it's supposed to freeze tonight, which is the earliest freeze warning in 15 years, at least.

    Wonder why I like your view better than mine. Hmmmm...

  12. I would screw it up if I tried to paint it, too. But the photo is good enough.


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