Tuesday, October 06, 2009

CG Kat Bag Harvest 10/5/9...Lookin' Sparse...

The nasturtiums have taken over our Community Garden plot! Mom and dad tell me this is typical of these plants this time of year. Guess they know frost is just around the corner so it time for a real beauty show. They have certainly succeeded!

As you can see, the CG harvest is becoming very limited. The peppers are still going strong, but the tomatoes are no more, and the beans that are left are far from ideal. The eggplant foliage and flowers are both gorgeous, but not an eggplant to be found.
The weekend of the 17th, Fodor Farm's Community Garden is hosting our annual CG start-the-garden-plot-clean-up day at 1:00 pm, with a pot-luck to follow under our brand new pavilion. Can't believe how much progress has been made this year! Not only the new pavilion with new picnic tables, there's also a new lower garden shed that's fully equipped with all sorts of garden tools, one of three greenhouses has already been erected, an orchard is being planted, a post and beam barn is going to be added and the old farm house that's in front of the garden and is falling apart to the point that it's unsafe to go into, has been given a grant, thus a new lease on life, and is going to be completely refurbished! There's also a third clearing now - can't remember what that's going to be used for. It's been a wonderful first year for us, and we're certainly looking forward to next spring.

Now I just have to figure out the proper way to put the garden to bed for the winter months...and all must be done by November 1st. Do I fertilize, cover the plot in black plastic, till it now, etc., etc.? O dear...


expect anything!


  1. Cover it with a bag of manure and let it rest. The manure will leach into the soil over the winter then you can turn it over in the spring.

    Good luck.

  2. I have no idea but will check back here tonight to see what people have to say. Your yellow pepper looks fabulous. Are you actually eating those tiny eggplants? They look so cute.

  3. First -how is your mom?

    Second - I dont know nuttin' bout turnin' no gardens but Ellen's advice sounds sound.

    Third - I miss you ... and those nasturtiums will be yummy with some mescalin and a nice lite balsamic vinaigrette! Manga!

  4. so tell me...have you saved any of the seeds from your harvest for next year?

    you should definitely grow heirloom tomatoes next year...just sayin'

  5. wish I had some sage advice...but I don't. the pot luck sounds very nice.

  6. Anything but FERTILIZE! Gently turn the dead plants into the soil. Then say goodbye till spring. Nature will do the rest.

  7. I have no clue as to what to do and would probably have to google the answer. Just wanted to say hello.

  8. What a great idea! Work on your garden and then enjoy a potluck.

  9. I have no idea. I'm having a real problem with my upside down tomatoes. In the old days before the frost I would pull the entire plant and hang it upside down. What now? Shall I hang it right side up? :) There's not much chance of my becoming a gardener.

  10. Mine is looking pretty sparse too. I just plow my under and let it be till spring.

  11. Ann: I agree with get rid of the thick dead stuff and plow the rest under.

  12. Ask your local extension office of the big university in the state. They know what to do for your area and probably have a document already made that they can send or e-mail you.


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