Thursday, October 22, 2009

Morning Glory. Going Going Gone...

Well, at least until next summer...

The Community
Garden Morning Glories
Just gorgeous, aren't they?

Remy, Kat & I
Explored the upper garden
And found these strange plants

Just know I've seen them
But have no clue what they are!
The pod! It's a clue!

(click on photos to make larger.)

expect questions at times!


  1. those are okra... or least thats what it looks like from here... love love love the morning glories mine have abotu petered out too...

  2. Awww, I haven't seen Morning Glories in years and those are so beautiful. My Nana loved them in purple and blue.

  3. I love blue morning glories. I used to plant them every year when there was a fence between my neighbours house and mine. Now there's nothing for them to climb. Thanks for allowing me to enjoy yours. :)

  4. I agree with Laura...looks like okra to me but a bit past prime.

    I loved morning glories as a kid (still do) and yours are beautiful.

  5. Morning glories are beautiful, love them.

    Also, before that close-up I would have guessed that mystery plant to be cotton, as strange as that sounds. WE have a field of it over in the next county and it looks similar, but I"ve never seen it up close and actually don't know what the hell I"m talking about so let's just go with okra.

  6. They look like big ole tough okra plants to me!

    Things are beginning to show signs of withering away until next year here too. But, yours is prettier...

  7. Okay, so I'm going to jump on the band wagon and say.... okra? Actually I have no idea. But I do recognize the morning glories! love them :)

  8. Okra? In Connecticut? All my stuff is about to bite the dust, too.

  9. Okra .. ah well I see Laura Peach spotted them first .. I had no idea they grew so tall.

  10. Fun photos!! The leaves seem wrong for okra, but I really have no clue, other than the pods DO look like okra. Eager to find out what they are. Let us know, please. Always a pure pleasure to visit your blog.
    San Diego

  11. Everyone beat me to it but yes...that is Okra. Slimy Okra.

  12. I miss my morning glories. I had them at my old house but have not planted any here on the farm ;0) Pretty pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Ann: Neat shot of the flowers, so much fun to capture. Everyone knew the okra, a southern dish.

  14. Okra. I do not like okra, but there you go. Lovely morning glories, too.

  15. I will miss the morning glories!

  16. These pictures are SO pretty! Goodbye morning glories!


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