Thursday, October 09, 2008


(Written Wednesday evening, 11:00 pm.) I have been purging...well, least making a very valiant attempt at it for the last few weeks. To say I have a lot of stuff would be an understatement to say the least! As jules is always just sayin' to me, I could run a tag sale (garage sale everywhere else but here in the Northeast) from my basement for, oh, years. I do really well getting rid of things no longer important to anyone for the first two or three hours...and then sentimental old fool rears her ugly head. At that point I really have to walk away as I can find a very good reason to save everything. It's not good. 

I have tomorrow off as it's Yom Kippur (blessings to my friends celebrating this most holy day) and that means I can spend the entire day continuing this clean-out. Isn't that just wonderful??

By the way? If you need me tomorrow, 
I will be playing golf. 18 holes. Maybe 36.

(Written THURDAY evening, 10:00 pm.) I went, I swung, I played 18 holes. We will not discuss the quality of my game. The quality of my fun? Perfection! 

expect anything!

P. S.  The above photo was taken at The Skitch Henderson Museum ("An intimate museum dedicated to the collections of this beloved maestro."), which is part of  the Hunt Hill Farm Trust. If  all my collections looked as neat, clean and organized as the one above, I'd keep them!  I do hope some kind-hearted Dutch-speaking person will translate ~toeback~ for me. Can't imagine what that means, and haven't been able to find it online, despite my best efforts!


  1. I can't get rid of anything's too hard!

  2. I know I'm half asleep, but do these comments go to this post? I must be dreaming.

    I am terrible at getting rid of things. So I just get rid of them. It's sad, but I am learning not to buy them in the first place. And THAT is difficult!

  3. Annie, I think you've been attacked by some spam monsters. Happy cleaning;) And keep your head down.

  4. DAMMIT! 5 spam comments I had to remove this morning! 3 from the same place, all originating in China. I hate to put a block on but if this keeps up, I will.

    Sorry about that, guys. Hope all of you have deleting success.

  5. Now there's a job I need to do too - purging. I try, and then I get frustrated because I clean out what I can and then wait for my husband to tackle his things. And that rarely happens. So there's a pile of "yard sale" items taking up room in the basement and no yard sale in sight.

    Enjoy your day off. I will be traveling to your state tomorrow for the boat race on Saturday.

  6. My grandmother had a set that looked like that, but I think my mother has it now - although, I have the creamer set at my house.

    I tried to look up your word & this is the site I found. Hope it helps.

  7. Anne, I'm a purger too - only I really can get rid of it...I had boxes in my basement that hadn't been opened since we moved in - I carriedit all to the Salvation Army! Haven't missed it.

  8. good luck with the cleanup. :)

  9. I have this Widget that translates and believe it or not the Dutch to English for TOEBACK .. is TOEBACK ...

    And I cleaned out the bottom of my closet today as part of my Yom Kippur fast/atonement process ... I was atoning the # of boots I have ... trying to justify and find room for another pair ... I. Am. SO. Bad.


  10. Daryl - I. Think. You're. Brilliant!

  11. Hmmm...spam comments...leave it to China to drop little spammer comments.
    I hate the blocker thing but you must do what you must do.
    Can't wait to get a place and unpack all of my treasures, but I can live vicariously through your blog!
    Somehow, I lost the link to your blog...silly me...I got it now!


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