Friday, October 31, 2008 the Fall...

This is the phenomenal St. Paul's On-The-Green Episcopal Church. Not only is the church a beautiful photo opportunity, it also is home to an unbelievable group of people that continually comes together for the greater good, regardless of any previous religious or other orientation. The members call it their ~radical welcome~ as they accept everyone regardless of anything at all. Isn't that just the very best?? I've had the great pleasure of joining this congregation for various events and know I've grown from those experiences. Nope, I've not joined the congregation, and probably won't...but I've loved every moment I've spent within the walls of St. Paul. It's a beautiful edifice which within holds a beautiful message of community and peace...well, at least to me, the non-St. Paul parishioner.

expect anything!


  1. Great photo and post.

    Sounds like you've found a safe place there. A place to worship, and feel the presence of the Lord!

    Be Blessed!

  2. Such beautiful architecture in that blue skies!

    Mine are up HERE and HERE. If you get a chance ;) Happy SWF!

  3. Regardless of religion? Wow, that's great! Wish I can see it, too!

    Mine is up here. Hope you can pass by if you have time. Thanks a lot!

  4. wonderful photo lovely fall colors and what an inspiring place :)

  5. We would love to have you any time. But you know that;) Beautiful shot!

  6. Lovely and peaceful. Just what I needed. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Beautiful to look at, and sounds like exactly what a church should be.

  8. A perfect New England fall day ...

    And now for the satanists wishing you all a very:



  9. What a gorgeous building! Your photo of it is wonderful with the blue sky and orange tree leaves! Sounds like a church that is doing God's work....everyone is invited and should be encouraged to find a personal relationship with God.

  10. ...Boo-tiful! :o)

    ..."Season's Screamings" fellow Missourian!

    ...Blessings too...

  11. Yes, I have read the "Shack", how fun that you mentioned that. I actually did a book review on it on my blog a few months back. This book has changed my way of looking at the institution of the church ya know. I absolutely loved the book!!!!


  12. I enjoyed meeting you too. Looking forward to a meeting of the minds.

  13. Really beautiful, well lit and framed photo. Nice one.

  14. Beautiful shot!

    Those Episcopalians sure do offer up so great architecture! I am a regular part of an Episcopal church though I grew up Methodist. Seems to me teh Episcopal church cares very much about doing good in this world and thinking hard about what they believe rather than merely insisting upon it.

  15. Beautimous! The colors are gorgeous!

    Glad you're participating in some of the church activities, even if you haven't "joined." I venture to say you're welcomed, anyway!

    ::an Arkansas Episcopalian::


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