Wednesday, October 29, 2008


O no! O dear, O my, O DARN! I took a casual glance at my blog archive, saw the L title, so assumed this week was M. Obviously, it's not. It's week...I've assumed incorrectly. And I'm sure you remember what occurs when one assumes...One (that would be me) makes an ~ass~ out of ~u~ and, most irritatingly ~me~. So sorry for the obvious oversight. O how onerous of me!

A Missourah~ Meal...
(Midwest is best!)

The bounty of our Missourah Midwest fishing efforts,
fried, of course! We'll worry about calories and 
the less-than-good fat-count...oh, tomorrow, if we must!

Master of the grill: Grand Roger (dad to me).
He's been fryin' Missourah fish for all of us, all of 
our lives...there's no one better!

Of course, family participation always helps...
Especially the young folk -
wonder what she told them to do...hmmm.

No summer Missourah meal is complete unless we have
GrandMa Mae's potato salad. (She always made a boiled dressing
that simply sent (and still sends) it over-the-top!)

Of course, I had to stick my 
30-years-on-the-East-Coast concoction
(heavily influenced by those 
California-health-nut voices in my head) 
into the whole MO meal, thus throwing a ~totally~
 "avocados in Missourah?? Woah! I don't think so!
kind of salad into the mix....
And the fam totally tolerated my 
aberration of judgement...I think...

However, our Missourah Meal was ended on a true note...
Fresh Missourah peaches smothered with 
undetermined parentage blueberries.

Who can say ~major~ Mmmmmmmmmmmmm?


(Missourah adventures to be continued tomorrow...)

expect anything!


  1. Now *that* was one of the best meals around.

    So happy to have had that.

  2. Crap, it's after 10 pm and now I am more food talk:)

  3. toss in a pot of grits and of course hush puppies and I am so there even the avacado stuff looks yummy!

  4. Pictures of good food: always a hit, even if featured on the wrong week. I'm grateful for that, not wanting to look at pix of okra and oatmeal.

  5. And suddenly I am very hungry... I wonder why...

  6. Midwest is best! Did I ever tell you I was born in Missouri? Dad always told me that was where my "stubborn" streak came from...who me? I'm glad you did M instead of O because this looks wonderful! I LOVE fried fish! Yummmmmm! And that salad looke terrific! We midwesterners will try anything :-) The peaches have my mouth watering!

  7. OH well!
    You OBVIOUSLY wanted to tempt all OF us with those photos OF a Missourah meal here ON ABC Wednesday letter O.
    Your trick worked.

    Bear((( )))

  8. M, O, G, ... Whatever! Your Wednesday posts are always interesting!

  9. You've certainly covered your alphabetical bases! And it looks superb! Who's hungry?

  10. So now you will have 24 weeks to think up your next M post that will really be a clever 'O'

  11. Well I'm glad that you made it an "M" week instead of an "O" week. That looks so good.



  13. Lovely post, and very tasty. We'll forgive you the wrong letter (you're my second "M" today!) for the colour and flavour.
    By the way, it's "P" next week ;)
    The ABC Team.

  14. Everything looks delicious. I wonder if Grandma Mae's recipe for potato salad will ever make it into a blog post....

  15. It looks delicious! You're certainly a good cook! Thanks for your visit!

  16. Man! That looks good! Did y'all skip N? Cuz I could use a Nap.

  17. Annie: My, fried fish, how delish. I have a lot of recipes for fried fish and what I love is the Italian Crappie. You didn't say what kind of fish was being fried. Thje sides look great also.

  18. Yummy..does that food look good. Great job of combining the two ABC letters.

  19. Hubby is from Missourah and he makes wonderful food :o)

  20. You do love youru food! I do love this post.

    I grew up on avocadoes in "Missouree" (us southerners never got the "uh" hang of it), but hated them. Everyone I knew put them in everything. I always had to pick them out.

    I like the "undetermined parentage!"

  21. Move out the way...I'm coming through with my fork!


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