Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Where Everybody Knows Your Name...

Home of the ~Thinner Spinner*~
*the best thin-crust pizza ever!
One of our very favorite local watering holes is celebrating their 25th anniversary. 

Partner's Cafe has been an important designation for many of we Cocktail Cornerians (among many other folks), for a very long time; and throughout, the food, drink, and most importantly, the commeraderie has remained top-notch. Go there, and believe it or not, they know your name! Owner Tommy (and wife Debby) remembers you (and your exploits) whether you're a guy or gal, (and especially if you've been involved in sports). 

(And if you just give him a minute, 
Tommy almost always remembers your favorite drink, too.) 

Partner's might be a local neighborhood bar, but there's nothing ~local~ about their "grub". The menu's tried and true selections are steady and always good. Their daily specials? Beyond good. Last night I had the blackened tilapia, pictured above, served with brown rice and local, fresh stir-fried veggies. The tilapia was simply outstanding - crusty but moist -  the veggies, al dente - just over the top! Excellent! The quality of the food is always there, no short cuts taken. Who could ask for more from a local pub grub kind of place? And only a mile or two from home. Yum!

Tommy & Deb also, undeniably, 
have the prettiest window boxes in all of Norwalk. 
Wish my flowers looked as good (sigh).

If you're in the neighborhood, 
you really owe it to yourself to visit

expect anything!


  1. Okay, I'm there!

    Looks like a good place for you and MPM and Nurse N and I to have lunch sometime.

  2. I love your neighborhood! Good post, but now I'm hungry.

  3. Now there's an endorsement!!

    I don't think I could leave my pub, but if I could, I would go there!

  4. i love tilapia. :) i think there was a time when i was eating fried tilapia everyday, for a week. good stuff. :)

  5. oh...i have tilapia in the freezer...perhaps i can replicate the above picture!

  6. You went last night and didn't call? Those are the most beautiful window boxes. Bar none.

  7. Looks like a great place! I may challenge the best thin-crust pizza with a local place here :-) Boy, that fish looks wonderful...now I'm hungry and it is only breakfast time. I love places where they remember you and talk to you and know what you order. Beautiful flowers boxes.

  8. Now that is my idea of a neighbourhood pub.
    And the food looks good.

    Bear((( )))

  9. Okay, I seriously need to go to this place. The food looks scrumptious and I must be hungry. I have lots of places here where they know my name, but am not sure that's a good thing, lol.

  10. Yum ... even tho Tilapia is my least fav fish .. it looks yum ... and a glass of Malbec please


  11. looks so cozy and the food looks tasty too, you do have a wonderful neighborhood :o)

  12. Oh, the food looks sooo good (YUM) & the flowers are so pretty!!! hehehe

  13. Yum, it's nice to have a place like that to frequent.

  14. Thin crust, remembering my drink and such beautiful flowers- Yep, I'm there.

  15. Nothing's better than good food paired with wonderful people. And now I'm hungry.


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