Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A K Kind of Day

K is for kwap-ola, krud, kurses! I updated the software on my airport extreme today, because a little window popped up on my screen telling me I had to, and now the airport is kaput. I can't get anyone to fix it before Friday at 4:00pm. So...Kwap-ola, Krud, Kurses!!! Obviously, I'll only have very limited access to the internet until then, so I'll be reading when I can. I'm around - just silently so. (As my brother would say - it's a Kraptastrophe!) 
Now, on to better things... 

K is also for:

Above, that kid, Dodgie boy. In front of him my kid sister, Care and in front of her, our kid brother Bill. (We're walking down the 150 - 200 year old wagon road that leads from the top of the hill to the valley, of course at our parent's place. The only maintenance that's done to the road is a good mowing every so often. Amazing what good shape it's in after all these years.)

Our kid Dodgie in the trunk of an enormous old tree. It must have been impressive when still alive - it's by far the biggest trunk we've seen in all the woods around the house. 

"Hellllooooo....anybody up there?"
I know, I know - this photo is a bit blurry...

expect anything!


  1. awesome photos... whats airport? and I so hope it gets fixed a day with out tsannie is ... just a kraptastic day!
    hugs Laura

  2. So, how'd you do this Special K post? Have a good day, and I'll keep you up-to-date!

  3. Don't know where you are, but hope you get your problem fixed. Great shots of Dodgie and the tree!

  4. Great pictures...even the somewhat blurry one!

    ~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

  5. Oh wow! Great shots! That tree looks really big. :D

  6. Sorry about the computer problems.

    Your snaps are really fun! I love the pictures of Dodgie Boy looking up!

  7. Looks like a "k"ool place in the woods...

  8. Did you call Apple? They can walk you thru the Air Port reboot .. actually you can do it your self .. go to Utilities and look for the Set Up/Air Port Assistant ...

    Love the photos


  9. Photos are great. Good luck with your computer.

  10. Ah, the stories that trail could tell - the people it's seen! SOOO COOL!!!

  11. Hope you don't go KAPUT on us.
    KEEPING my fingers crossed that all will be oK with you soon.

    Bear((( )))

  12. WOW! Wonderful selection! Kiddies are awesome.

  13. That road IS in good shape. Amazing. And the tree is amazing, too. You're right that it must have been impressive when alive. It's still pretty impressive!

  14. Hahahahaha! Nice new K words! I love that pic of a boy under that tree? very very nice!

    My K is for Karma do visit me here.

    Happy weekend!

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