Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Road Less Traveled

For the road less traveled, it's not for the faint of heart
For those who choose to play it safe and never stray too far
Me, I want to live my life and one day leave my mark
And it all might come together
And it all might come unraveled
On the road less traveled.

~George Strait


I need to really think about this. 
What kind of life have I led so far? 
Have I played it too safe? 
What mark have I left/will I leave? 
What is the footprint I am creating through my living? 
And the footprint I ultimately leave behind...
Will it help or hurt this world of ours? 
And now I must go to bed. 
I have taxed my brain way too much for one day!

expect anything!


  1. Beautiful photo! Now, of course, I want to travel that particular road...

  2. Looks like a nice road....maybe it should be traveled more often :-) Great photo with the light!

  3. Can we see that again in a few weeks when the leaves have turned? I'll bet it's stunning. :)

  4. Can we go on that road and get a chili dog for lunch today?

  5. TC: You are leaving your mark in the cyber world.

  6. Thanks for this! I am not familiar with the lyrics, but they are beautiful. And a good thought for me, too. Wonderful photo! God bless.

  7. Happy weekend! Love the photo and the making me think :D

  8. I live my life on the road less traveled and it's wonderful.

  9. Lovely photo, and lovely thoughts. You're making me think, Annie. What kind of mark am I leaving on this world?

  10. Those are my favorite type of roads - those less travelled. The quiet ones - where the only sound is the leaf falling to the ground.

    I want to leave less of a mark too. Perhaps it won't make any difference in my lifetime - but I'm hoping it will for those still to come. Recycle - replenish - renew.

  11. Wonderful! Love that sheen on the road, together with the disappearing curve!
    Cheers, Klaus

  12. I think you are leaving a mark, and the world is better. But those are good words for anyone to ponder and be reminded of periodically.


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