Wednesday, October 08, 2008

An L kind of day....


I remember a fragment of a science project that said something along the lines of "Moss and Fungus took a liking to each other - and produced a Lichen." Tho I am far from an expert on this kind of science thing, I do know that lichen, pictured above, "is the result of a symbiotic relationship between a fungus with a photosynthetic partner".  I'm pretty sure the players can be moss and fungus, among others. (Go here on Wikipedia and you'll be told more than you ever thought you'd want to know about this.) 

Whatever, all I know is lichen is beautiful, 
whether growing on fence posts, rocks, wherever, especially in the fall.
 If you'd like, click on the slideshow to the right to see more lichen photos. 


expect anything!


  1. I just can't resist - "there's a fungus amongus" - yes, it just has to be pronounced this way.

    Besides being a picture of fungi, it is a beautiful picture in it's composition.

    By the way, Nurse N thinks we should all get together sometime. I'm always up for wine and conversation.

  2. "A fungus amongus".


    That happens to be a brand of absolutely delicious truffle salt. If you haven't experienced truffle salt, I highly suggest you start with a stove-top popped batch of popcorn salted with truffle salt!

    You can get it through Amazon:

    And, yes, if you buy through that link, I get a kick back. But I'm TSAnnie's exploited photographer brother and father of Dodgie, thus... return exploitation is warranted.


  3. Wonderful photo... great addition to the L... I think you're the first with this particular subject =D
    Very nice!
    Mountain Retreat

  4. awesome photo... sorry and thank you for yesterday... :) today is a better day.
    Hugs Laura

  5. My husband has a thing for photographing lichen, but his pictures are never as pretty as that one. :)

  6. That is beautiful. But there are other L words, you know....

  7. Lichen? To what? Oh wait, I thought this was a Wordless Weds. post ...



  8. I ahve always been fascinated with lichen, great post.

  9. Great Lichen "L"! And not to forget the shot out of the room into the outside! Perfect. Looks like tons of fun to be had in the Silo!
    Cheers, Klaus

  10. I love lichen and have posted what I think are beautiful photos of it. I'm sure many would not agree.

    I'm just saying that I like lichen.

  11. I love that stuff--the shape, color, textture...Or should I say I very much liche that stuff!

    Great shot.

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