Thursday, April 09, 2009

Damn Cat & Carnage Proven


Every morning the routine is the same. I get up, let Stella out and Trey-you, (aka King of the Side Table) either out or in, depending on where he'd decided to spend the prior evening. A bit later, when I either let Trey-you back in or he's through with his breakfast, up he comes to our bathroom.
He jumps up on the vanity by GB's sink and stares either at me or at the faucet until I get his bigger than life hint that he wants the water turned on. I turn it on, and he proceeds to drink and play. This goes on for at least 15 minutes. Every morning. Every single morning. As you can kind of see below, Trey-you's modus operandi is to stick his paw under the water and then lick the water off of it. Whatever works.
Refreshment Paws
(and, no, we're not on 100's of meds - just a lot of reflection goin' on!)

On weekends? I'm sure the bedroom door is tightly shut. I can hear him scratching on the other side, though, and it nearly drives me crazy! Or, even worse, when he's decided to stay out for the night, he plants himself under my window (directly over my head and nearly always cracked open) and meows LOUDLY. Drives me crazier and always works in his favor. Up I must get to let him in. It's then a race to see if I can make it back to the bedroom and get the door closed before he get there too. Damn cat usually wins.

And on another note...
Taken 4/8/9.
( Former goose nest on the peninsula that juts out into our pond)

Early last Sunday morning I was woken up by very loud and distressed-sounding Canada goose honking that lasted for what seemed to be an interminable amount of time. I even tweeted about it (It's 12:30am and the Canada Geese are honking...a lot. I'm worried. I don't like carnage and that's probably what's happening at this time.) Yesterday my daughter discovered the Canada goose carnage and as you can see, the outcome - for the goose/geese at least - wasn't pretty. But somewhere close by there's a coyote or fox that's pretty darn full and happy. Yeah, I know it's that old circle of life thing once again. I just don't like it shoved in my face, ok?


expect anything!


  1. Nature sure can be harsh. I HATE that stupid circle of life.

  2. Well that was an abrupt, "Eww," after I had spent all those seconds saying, "Ah." I choose to think that goose was just combing through some tangles. She's probably at the spa right now recovering.

  3. I like the way you think, CF! I'm goin' with your ending to this story - much better!!

  4. You run the water for 15 minutes for your cat? Have you thought about an indoor fountain? They like those, too. I had one cat that liked to get on the sink and bat at the water until she got too fat to leap up there. Poor geese....I hate that sort of thing, too.

  5. Trey remind me of our old Nelson the cat, he used to yell at the front door until you let him in and then when he was on his stool for food to be put in his dish. Gotta luv em!

    Carnage, you should send your fox or cyote over to WP, it can hang with our murdering Red Tail Hawk.

  6. Think of it as a kitty whiskey sour fountain. Without the whiskey. Or the sour.

    And the goose sushi - wonder if it was sashimi style? As if I would know since the thought of anything raw (now I like it rare, but at least passed over a flame) would make me lose lunch faster than you can say sashimi!

  7. I didn't know the cat did that. And that circle of life business is no good for me. If we get that baby rabbit problem again this summer, I don't know what I'll do. Oh, and when you come home, will you come get my paper out of the driveway? I'm afraid there are you-know-what's under there.

  8. I have 4 cats and they all drink out of the same mug on the side of the bathroom sink. Only hitch is, I have to pour out and change the water inbetween cats - or as time passes....a couple of them just sit and stare at the faucet until I CHANGE the water...the nerve!!

    And, the carnage - one of my kitties got that nasty ole squirrel that has for so long dumped all the BIRD seed on the ground while stealing it from the fool-proof bird feeders....I guess, I'm the "fool".

    ~Mad(elyn) in Alabama

  9. When did my cat arrive at your house? Can she stay for a few weeks so I can get some sleep?

    I found some red small feathers on my deck last week end. I think my cat had a snack attack!

  10. That's to cute about your cat. Loved the pictures to go with it. hate the circle of life as well.

  11. my cat liked to drink from the faucet cute.

    sorry about the geese - I would be sad too.

  12. Big sad face here :(

    Poor loosey gooseys.

    We do the same thing here for our Thomas Jefferson, but it must be the tub. Be grateful yours is just the faucet.

  13. I think Trey's actions are adorable, but he's not in my bathroom :)

    I couldn't take seeing that much of me in the bathroom!

    MPM needs to face her fears. Don't you dare get her paper!

  14. Very funny cat! And I don't like to watch "Wild Kingdom" either!

  15. My Lil Man does that too, except he doesn't fuss - I get up & he jumps in the tub & very patiently waits for me to turn the water on - He'll sit there for as long as it takes for me to FINALLY turn it on. He'll fuss if I start talking to him, but he's so sweet about it. For a while now I've been trying to break him from drinking in the tub, but I did it to him - it's my fault & he isn't hurting anything, so I'm just going to let him do it! LoL!

    Sorry bout the dead goose/geese - I wouldn't want that shoved in my face either!!!

  16. I am glad I am not the only one that lets cats rule my life! I think they own the world sometimes.

  17. Funny cat with the rituals. Sad about the carnage, though.

  18. Cats crack me up. I have two that both have weird morning water rituals.

    I understand the circle of life, but I agree, not in my face!


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