Saturday, April 25, 2009

Good to Go! So Where Are You,

My little hummer friends?

No, I didn't add food coloring to the nectar. Just got lazy and bought ready-made nectar for now. The feeder's been hung for three hours now. And no hummers have come to sip yet. Don't those naughty hummers know I thrive on instant gratification??

That niger seed feeder on the left is from my bird-blogging friend Helen's on-line store, Backyard Boutique. It is the only feeder that has proven to be really and truly squirrel-proof. Every other feeder I've had this past season, even the one advertised as squirrel proof (read about it here) has been a food paradise for them. And those scallywag squirrels not only ate the suet out of two suet feeders, they actually stole them! Can't find them anywhere! I replaced the first one. After the second disappeared I officially declared the squirrels the victors of the season long War Over the Feeders and gave up. Sorry birds. I tried my best!

Please click on Helen's name to visit to her blog. 
Click on Backyard Boutique to visit to her wonderful store.

expecting hummingbirds any minute now!

P. S. Had three hugely successful cooking flings to come!


  1. I longed for instant gratification myself. After telling everyone I had one at my feeder the other day I haven't seen the little booger since. Maybe my feed is soured. LOL.

  2. Those are feeders are really elegant looking...I am sure the well bred birds will be along soon as soon as they hear about it on the phone lines!!!

    Tequila Chicken...4 chicken breasts, 3 shots of tequila (pour two in the bowl and drink one), 1 lime that you squish in your hand for a minute and then slice into thick slices, 1/2 c. virgin olive oil, and 1 1/2 teaspoons lemon/pepper. Put the chicken in a ziploc bag, mix your marinade saving 1/4 c. to brush on your veggies and pour into bag with chicken...I massage the bag to make sure it all gets good and juicy. Marinate in fridge for 4-6 hours or overnight. Grill and enjoy.

    Everyone really loves this as it is different and alive with flavor. No one can ever figure out it is tequila unless they watch you make it. It flames up nice and gets wonderful grill marks as the alcohol burns off.

    Veggies can be corn on the cob, peppers, onion chunks, whatever you want...just cover half the grill with some aluminum or use a medium cast iron pan and grill those babies up!

    This marinade also works well on fish and shrimp.


  3. Oh yeah...if you grill the corn...I always boil it some before it goes out to the grill. That might help.

  4. the only hummers I have so far are the scouts they send out in advance. but...they should be here soon.

  5. Shame on me! I know the hummers are here; I've seen them in my daughter's garden. But... my feeder is not up yet! (Will rectify quickly.)

  6. Oh, but squirrels need to eat, too!

  7. The bumblebees always take over my hummingbird feeders and I just hate all the buzzing so that's it!

  8. The first hummers of the season are such a treat. But it might take more than 3 hours. :)

  9. I always get impatient waiting for them too. Now, I think the finches have run them off. Little peckers!

  10. LOL at the squirrel thief. Really?

    I should try this. I've never had one and now that I have all this blasted time on my hands...At least when I'm sitting at the table worrying, I can look for hummers!

    Now...when they come we want pics. If you need help, Mama can run!


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