Monday, April 06, 2009


Saturday night we gathered once again for Gourmet Group. This time around we were channeling that most delightful Barefoot Contessa, aka Ina Garten. A good theme as I don't think that gal has ever concoted an unfortunate recipe!

Jules and Andy were our hosts for the evening. Here's Jules draining the pasta. She did that very efficiently. And with a smile on her face! (Yes, she will kill me for posting this photo.)
I was responsible for appies. Tuna tartar, and tho the photo kinda really sucks and it was simply delicious! This is out of the Barefoot Contessa's Family cookbook.  
I also made her grilled chicken satay. It was in her very first cookbook. Though ONCE AGAIN the photo is not great It was wonderful! For the first time, every appetizer was eaten meaning for once I didn't make enough appies for a dang army, just enough for the 10 of us - imagine that!. Also made her delicious parmesan/thyme savory crackers - OMG - wonderful! That recipe is from her latest cookbook, "Back to Basics".
Patty made the arugula with parmesan shavings salad. A perfect palate cleanser. (Also from her first cookbook.)

Next, the main course - of course! Baked Shrimp Scampi. Can you say YUM??? Simply delicious! And enough garlic to keep vampires away for at least a year. Just sublime. (From Back to Basics.)
See that little tomato concoction? That was made by Suzanne. It was beyond superb. It was beyond wonderful. It was simply awesome! (Back to Basics cookbook.)
Last but not least, Stephanie (with the help of her ~baby~, Gabby, and we all know the help of a child makes everything better) made Tiramisu. (Don't remember the cookbook that's from.)
It was unbelievably delicious.
It had enough rum in it to anesthetize a horse. 
Our evening was long and lovely. 
I slept in Sunday, even missing
most of CBS Sunday Morning.
I never miss CBS Sunday Morning.


expect anything!


  1. What a great looking meal! All of that looks like great food. Must have been a wonderful party!

  2. Annie: That looks like someone came home completely filled to the top. It would be hard to stop eating.

  3. That all looks awesome and yummy!

  4. Looks wonderful.. good food, good friends, and good times.. but I am SO glad I live so far away from you. I am trying REALLY hard to loose some weight and that would have been just too tempting! Yumm Yumm..

  5. Yes, Jules is going to kill you. And those savory crackers were delish! Thanks for sharing them with me! And what is this anesthetizing of which you speak?

  6. Uhhhh, where do I sign up for Gourmet Group?! Every single morsel looks fantastic!!

  7. If only we were neighbors... Everything looks amazing!

    Did someone say rum?

  8. Nothing better than a great meal with great friends. It all looks wonderful and would make me miss CBS Sunday Morning as well!

  9. It all looks so wonderful. What a nice way to spend the weekend with friends and good food. I envy you all.

  10. I love anything Ina! While you were channeling Ina, I was getting Tyler Florence vibes! Don't you just love dinner parties??? :)

  11. WOW .. all that yummy food .. good thing I had lunch before stopping here .. see you tonite!

  12. It all looks so good (except the shrimp - I'm not a shrimp fan)
    Great night!!!

    Thank you for the comment about my header photo - I'm quite proud of that one! That's my mom & lil Jilly - Great-Grand-Mother & Great-Grand-Daughter! I love that pic!!!

  13. And not one dish I could eat. Drats!

  14. Good food, good friends...nothing better!

  15. Oooh! Yum, yum! Love to watch The Barefoot Contessa, but have never (to my loss) prepared any of her recipes. That may *have* to change!

  16. Wowsers! Who needs to go out to dinner when you have friends who cook gourmet? It all looks absolutely delicioso! I wouldn't mind being anesthesized like a horse if it were by way of scrumptious eats...


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