Thursday, April 30, 2009

The War Has Restarted With...Well...This...

I saw this beautiful yellow baby in my cherry tree....
And I knew...
My gold finches were coming home...
To me...and not to you, MPM
It's where they knew all along they belonged...
Yes right here, at TSannie's home.
(the niger is very very fresh here)
Last year's war...a thing of the past,
Now on to this year!
Can you see the 22, and let me spell that out in case you can't see those numbers clearly, TWENTY TWO, gold finches in that photo (plus that one errant sparrow)? I'm feeling very very good about my chance at a decisive victory in our ongoing Gold Finch War! I just don't think you stand a chance, MPM! Your gold finch babies have all flown the coop and they've come my way. Obviously the food is, well, better. Weep, my friend, just weep! 
News video below! (I hear it's being picked up by the AP!)

George Lucas I am not. 
Apologies offered far and wide!

P. S. Because of the video we shot, it has become apparent that the spoken word, "MAYHEM"  scares the cr*p out of gold finches...just scan to the end of the above video for evidence.
Never say MAYHEM in the presence of Gold Finches.

expecting gold finches galore to stay!


  1. Too funny, Annie! You're not going to go to war with MPM again are you?

  2. Yes, I am throwing down that golden gauntlet! And I will be the victor! (I hope!) ;-)

  3. Sure, you had to 16 up my six male cardinals, didn't you?

    So cool. They aren't eating niger at my house, but they are nibbling at the safflower with the cardinals. Can't figure that out.

  4. hilarious!!! LOL and congrats on winning the war

  5. Great Video and I really like the bird waiting on the hummingbird feeder!

  6. LOLOL mahem and they FLEE!!!!!!! we were just talking yesterday abotu the lack of gold finches i think they came here grabbed a bite to eat and headed up to you.... but they will be back!
    in total fear of sounding stupid ...whats niger? we feed the gold finches thistle seed...

  7. I love spring and all that it brings with it. Enjoy those golden lovelies and their melody too.

    Isn't MAYHEM what we live through every day in our office?

  8. I am above such pettiness. Oh, and I had 23 this morning. And a pair of ducks.

  9. Aren't there enough yellow finches for both of you in CT??? I hate to think that you two will be at battle with each other all summer.

  10. Oh I am loving this 'war' ... go Annie! Go LaLa!

  11. To hell with loyalty...Go Annie Go!

    Sneaking off to corner awaiting punishment. I'll be banned for sure.

    This was a perfect post and I loved it :)

  12. How beautiful they all are. I had one, one lousy gold finch at the feeder when I first put it out. I haven't seen it since. Why?

  13. I hope you ask for evidence of her 23! This should be interesting. I've got a photo of 50 in the wintertime taken years ago, but I guess the playing field is all yours in the spring :-) Mine are mad because I quit buying niger seed.

  14. LOL! Better this sort of war than others! Hope you both have feeders full of finches!

    P.S. you have a lovely voice.

  15. Hehehe.... what a hilarious post... you really are funny with this war and congratulations on winning!


  16. You are hilarious - I can't wait to see the outcome of this year's war!

  17. Do we hear 24? 24 birds anyone? And 2 pairs of ducks?

    My stupid finger just typed dicks instead of ducks. Did it again there.

  18. This is priceless! yes, I did count 22!

  19. Annie: I have seen a few in the area but none at the feeder.

  20. Clearly. I can see the TSannie tattoos on their yellow breasts!

  21. Ohhh they're beautiful. What a lovely, winning collection!


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