Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Miscellanea and Miss Magic

This past Sunday we celebrated Easter together and, as always, it was wonderful. Family and dear friends gathered together. Everyone should have such a wonderful day! 

Ms. Kim shared a story that was just funny beyond funny! Her hubby and 3 compatriots were out for a very early game of golf on Sunday morning. One of the participants has lower back issues and regularly takes three Advils before any golf game he plays. Last Sunday, either he didn't have on his glasses or he was half asleep, as he accidently took three Advil PM's instead. The other three said they just poked him in the butt whenever he started nodding off...

It was also Little Miss Magic's birthday (well, 2 days late, but she didn't mind!) so we sang a birthday song and she tried her darndest to blow out the candles. Her mama helped - and that was a very good thing!

Little Miss Magic
Can't imagine life before
Her. She is precious!

Glorious Easter!
Remy's arrangement made for
Our Easter table.


expect tradition!



  1. Funny story about the PM's! I'm still giggling!

    And hey, I want one of those little Miss Magic girls!!!!!! She's just too precious for words!

    How's that for a lot of exclamation points?

  2. Very funny! Little Miss Magic is a real doll! That name is perfect :-) Love her cake and the Easter flowers.

  3. What a funny story. The poor man I don't know how he stood up to play a round of golf. Teehee.

    she is just adorable. How sweet.

  4. Little Miss Magic is adorable...the centerpiece is really beautiful. And as for the 4 PM' time I accidentally took just two tylenol PMs before going for a walk with a friend, and I was actually staggering before we got home! And that is the recommended dose...heck if I take one of them, I still don't want to get up after 12 hours sleep.

    I cannot imagine wanting to feel that way...people that do drugs just amaze me. You couldn't pay me enough to go around feeling like that.

  5. Taking PM's instead of regular Advil sounds like something I would do!

    Little Miss Magic is so adorable! I love the mirror shot.

  6. Oh, NO! that is my worst fear..mixing up my Advils! I really LOL when I read that...oh my.

    As for Little Miss Magic, I find her precious. What would the world be without little ones?

    Very nice daffodil arrangement, btw.

  7. Love it all! And the food was delicioso!

  8. What a precious child .. and I love the title of this post, so clever ..

  9. Awww, she's so cuuute! Happy Birthday Lil Miss! hehehe

    And, ya can't nod off & play golf! LoL! That's funny!

  10. What an adorable little girl, Annie. But then, you already know this!
    It's raining. Again. I need me some sunshine pronto.

  11. adorable little one... giggeling at the advil PM... too funny

  12. Moral: always wear your glasses, if you need them! Funny story.

    Your Little Miss Magic is adorable!
    What a delightful "M"

  13. She is absolutely adorable! Happy birthday!

  14. I've seen golfers like that. :) A darling child and beautiful floral arrangement...

  15. I love tradition. It makes me happy. As does Miss Magic's picture with the mirror!


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