Saturday, April 18, 2009

Well, Look At That!

Twice in the last several week, I've seen license plates that have immediately reminded me of two gals that have become friends of mine through this blogging thingy we do. 
First, the lovely and always interesting blogger, Asthma Girl, who has a profound and not always rational love of all things chihuahua. Isn't this just the perfect license plate for her? Maybe it's still available in her home state. Anyone notice the chihuahua head on the antennae of that really really cute car? (Also love that bonus Obama sticker - OK, I'll stop being political now!) Had I been staging this photo and not doing a drive-by shoot I certainly would have removed that annoying grocery bag!
Then there's my friend, Chesapeake Bay Woman. I nearly wrecked the car taking this picture for her, as I was driving and trying to turn left all at the same time. It wasn't pretty. (It also was a dark and rainy afternoon, thus the blur.) Must tell you, if you haven't visited her, you should. Her writing is this side of brilliant. You'll laugh, you'll cry...well probably not, but I guarantee you'll be marvelously entertained! Especially by all the cross-throughs she does. ;-)


In other news: I'm having a great time here in DC/Alexandria VA with my sis and b-i-l. Care and I spent most of the day purging her closet(s). How many ways can you define ~pack-rat~? A synonym for every definition is my sis's name. However, today, we fought the closet and we won! Eight bags to Salvation Army, 2 bags to trash, 1 bag to recycling! (Shhhhh....she's coming to my house for the same purging very soon!)


purging is very good!


  1. Hi there Annie...thanks for stopping by my blog...great to hear you are enjoying DC too. What fun,...there certainly is too much to do! I also took a photo for cbw just had the word Chesapeake on it....from the bus...and last night we had some of the local thinking of her all the time down her lacrosse tournament today! Even though she would rather it be baseball!

  2. Can ya'll come here for purging next??? PLEZ!!! I have wine.

  3. Purge away! I sure need a friend to come help me purge this house of all its... ummm.... JUNK!

    I can't believe you got those shots! Were you (like me) fumbling to get that camera out before the subjects escaped? Atta girl!

  4. Is she coming up here to help us next?

  5. What a good eye and I dont even want to think about you driving and snapping ...

  6. 8 bags to SA? WoW! That's crazy! LoL!

    I'm off to check their sites now!

  7. Oh very cool!

    I wouldn't normally say this, working in eating disorders, but happy purging!

  8. Holy Cow! I can't believe somebody else hasthese nutty initials, poor thing. Also, I had no idea (or maybe I just forgot) that you were going to be in Northern Va, particularly the same time as Australian Annie. Eat at Little Viet Garden if you like Vietnamese. Also, they have very cold Vietnamese beer (33) which is outstanding.

    Thanks for mentioning me, and have a wonderful time up there. You're only 3 hours from Mathews County in case you get a wild hair and want to come south to the country!


  9. That chihuahua antennae is something else! It is kind of wild looking.

  10. The closet purge sounds lovely. Want to bring you sis and come visit me when you're finished!

  11. Oh, I need you two and your made purging skills! I'm in dire straits here, as it's starting to spill out of the closets and into the rooms...EEEK!

    Have fun, you two seesters... :).

  12. Okay, that car is flaming perfect... Obama sticker and all! I love the antennae head! As much as TOG loves the brute squad, I fear he would not roll with me were I to deck my car out like that! But I do love it! Thanks for thinking of me, Annie! Have fun in Virginia! I hear it's for lovers!


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