Friday, August 14, 2009

SWF: Sky & Beach w/a Side of Veggies

Mathews County VA
With all my new and old Blisters*
(*Short for Blog-Fest Sisters)

My CG* Kate Bag harvest 8/14/9
Haven't a clue what kind of peppers those are.
Some hot, some sweet...
But which is which??
Ahh...the tastebuds will tell me!
(Pepper & bean seeds from my dad.)
(Oh! Maybe he'll know - wait, he gets his peps mixed up too!)

My first endeavor "putting up" any kind of food.
Can you imagine how fresh and wonderful
it's going to taste during the cold cold winter?


expect anything!


  1. That beach looks so inviting! I want to wiggle my toes in the sand and flop into that ocean!

    As for putting up food for the winter. I did that for a season of my life. It makes you feel so good and so PREPARED! Hooray for you! I have an excellent applebutter recipe if you want to pick and process apples this fall!

  2. Those should be Italian peppers and bland is likely what they are .. in a good way .. I believe they are the pepper part of Sausage&Peppers.

    Tomato 'sauce' looks sooo good ..

  3. I love putting stuff makes me feel so good.

    I can not wait to hear the excitement in your voice when you use it this winter and it brightens your day!

  4. Okay, your title of this post totally cracked me up!

  5. Beautiful sky and beach. Love the name "blisters." That is really QUITE funny. I would call the big peppers banana peppers (that's a southwest Missouri thing), but only if they're sweet. If they're hot, I would call them hot peppers. (Also a southwest Missouri thing.)

    And the sauce. Wow!!!! My tomatoes are FINALLY starting to ripen. (I made salsa and my tomatoes for half a salad--yukky store-bought ones for the other half.) Hoping to start making some things to freeze soon!

  6. I love that sky/beach scene, and doesn't it feel wonderful to put stuff up for the coming winter?

  7. Oh, I do love the sky and beach shot! Would love to be there! The veggies look delicious! Reminds me of the years when I had a garden!

    Have a great weekend!


  8. From one blister to another, that beach is my favorite spot in the world.

    The tomato sauce looks good enough to swim in. Beautiful.

  9. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, sauce.

    and I love those peppers

  10. Great beach shot...I would love to be there...sauce looks great too!

  11. I'm thinkin' somethin' somethin' with some marinara sauce....

  12. CBW just made the "bestest" salsa I have ever eaten. Hot, well blended, awesome. Marinara does sound good, cheesesticks?

  13. I would love to be there. Thanks for providing the balance.

  14. Beautiful beach...I want to be there! Yummy've been busy!


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