Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Ohhh Nooo.....

Stella got this in a full-on face & body kind of way...

Not one of us were - or are - happy.
P. S. Mario had the good sense to stay indoors, thus escaped dastardly smells.

expect...well I just don't know what!


  1. OMG! This is one of he worst things that can happen to a dog.

    It's only funny because while I'm typing this, the post below says "Stella Has a Guest".

    That's the only reason I am smiling.

    Because the smell from a skunk is enough to make a person (or an animal) quite sick.

  2. Poor Stella. Or should I say "Stinky Stella?"

    It's bad enough when you drive past one that's sprayed, but on your dog... I hope today smells better.

  3. Oh no! I just can't even imagine.

    Having the side of our home that our bedroom is on, sprayed two nights in a row now, I can't even imagine - as bad as THAT is, having my pets sprayed. I don't even want to think about it. Poor Stella.

  4. Tomato juice bath .. Google it ..

  5. I've heard the tomato juice bath is good too! Poor Stella!

  6. I can't believe you got a picture of the skunk. Poor Stella.


    I've done the tomato juice-thing - worked for me!

    ~Mad(elyn) in Alabama

  8. Oh my, you do have a problem. Good look. Hope everyone's smelling sweeter next time we hear from you.

  9. Oh yuck!! There is a special bath mix that takes care of the odor.
    1 qt hydrogen peroxide, 1/2 cup baking soda, 1-2 tsps dish soap.
    Wet dog with warm water. Rub mixture all over, rubbing in. Leave on 5 -10 minutes. Rinse and repeat until odor gone. Then wash with shampoo.

    Wear nose plugs!

  10. Ewwwwww......... I feel so sorry for you!

    My girlfriend and I were driving home the other night and her car scared one of sprayed her car! We stunk the whole way home!!!

  11. Oh, we smelled one in the middle of the night last week when we were in my aunt & uncle's mountain home. All windows were open; but I had to wake up and shut 'em. EEEEYUK.

    Sorry 'bout the pooch!

  12. Poor Stella!!! Bless her heart; I hope it didn't get her eyes very much. Poor you and your family, having to cope with trying to get the smell off her. Hope something works.

  13. Aw! poor Stella! And, yes, poor all of you for having to deal with the smell! I, too, hope you find something that works!!

  14. oh no!!! hope it's better soon

  15. oh no!!! hope it's better soon

  16. Oh my gosh...and you were taking photos?? Poor Stella. The skunks that come here seem to leave the cats alone, but then the cats have enough sense to leave the skunks alone :-) How long does it take to get rid of the smell? At least you can wash a dog. Try that with a cat.

  17. Look around and find Fresh Wave pet shampoo - it'll work.

  18. My mother got sprayed by a skunk once. Can't remember how she got rid of the smell, but I want to say she tried the tomato thing and it didn't work.

    This useless comment brought to you by exhaustion and lack of wine.

  19. Oh my! I think I saw on Facebook what you used to fix the problem, though. We have white, fluffy dogs. We used tomato juice once. They were pink dogs for a long time. Glad you didn't have to go that route!

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