Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Cousin Out Back

The "Sunday morning glory bloom" I posted, well, just this last Sunday, came out of the same packet of seeds that today's morning glory bloom did. Can you imagine two more different blooms? So, though they're related, the cousin out back is certainly very different than her front porch relative!

Other than that, I'm also having photo issues, basically because I HATE HATE HATE reading directions of any kind, and thus I am left with a humongous...


The top photo is here courtesy of iPhoto...morning glories are beautiful, colors are not. Cropping is good.
The second photo is here courtesy of glories are beautiful, colors are also beautiful. Cropping is not!

I am not happy.

From iPhoto

From Flickr

My big, (and I mean very big) problem?? I hate to read directions, so I have no idea how to fuse the two above problems into one solution...without reading the directions. DAMMIT! (And do NOT tell me to read the directions!)


expect anything!


  1. Crop in iPhoto Export to flickr prior to post?

    Ok.. question HOW did you get the import to blogger from iPhoto to work?? I can't figure it out.

    and someone today.. has accused me of following your lead and chronically tombstones... I won't mention any names... errrhmmm Kimmy.... I want you to know that in now way was the photos of my tombstones started due to following you.. that started way back when I first shoved my sister into an hallowed grave when we were about 10 :) heheheheheheh

  2. directions, schermections. Who needs stinkin' directions... (sorry, no clue to help you though!)

  3. I don't know if this will help but here goes.

    I also use iPhoto. I do EVERYTHING in iPhoto (croppng, color boost if needed, etc), throw it onto the desktop and then upload into blogger. I don't have to use flicker for anything.

    I do agree with you - the cropping is the best in iPhoto - but your flowers just POP in flicker! Maybe if you do all in iPhoto it will be what you're looking for??

    Just my 2 cents.

  4. Crop in iPhoto and then upload to Flickr. Problem solved.

    Beautiful fleurs!

  5. I like the bottom one, so do whatever you did there. I'm also a fan of Picnik, but I'm a 100-level amateur...

  6. i completely understand, i hate reading directions too
    but once you do & you learn how to do it, it's worth it!

  7. You are good. It's all I can do to take the picture!

  8. So. Your blossoms are hillbillies? And read the directions. *ducking

  9. Beautiful flowers regardless! That's all that matters! I love them!

    Have a great day!


  10. Oh my gosh those are beautiful!!!!! Seriously. They're right up there with sunflowers in my book.

    Great capture!

  11. The photos look fantabulous to me! I love morning glories.

  12. So when you are through croppng in iphoto go to the little box that says "adjust" and play with the slider bar at the very top. You can lighten or darken areas as you like. I use it all the time. Great photo even if there is a hillbilly in the bunch.

  13. Annie: I like both the shots, what a nice flower.

  14. I like them doesn't need help or directions :-)

  15. I definitely like the bottom one best. But I would NEVER advise reading the directions. Make someone else read them then either show you how or do it for you!


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