Friday, August 07, 2009

SWF with a Side of Tomatoes

Sky Watch Reflection
Pollen on pond. Allergies!
NO one is sneeze free!

Lots of tomatoes
(Not mine, farmer's market grown)
Must freeze what???


expecting my mom to come through with her marinara-type sauce -
you know, the one with the peppers & onions that is so so good!

Do join us!

(both photos taken yesterday -
can you believe the pollen on our pond??)


  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, homemade sauce? divine

  2. Those maters look yummy-I am freezing some of mine today.

  3. Oh, my word. Homemade sauce? Send me the recipe! We've got tomatoes coming out our gourds here.

    Sort of.

  4. I see a whole pot pf SALSA .. lovely to have with a side of chips cheese and wine or an Original Sin ...

  5. Yummy! Your skywatch link didn't work when I clicked on it at the site.

  6. Where are those bubbler thingies on the pond? And I'll be by for some salsa. And a sip of something nice;)

  7. I"m on my way, leaving now. Save me some chips, salsa and wine.

  8. Those tomatoes are beautiful.

  9. Cool reflection shot & I'll take a dozen tomatoes! hehehe

    Happy SWF

  10. Wow! That is a lot of pollen. My eyes itch just looking at it.

    And once again, another photo that makes me wish I didn't abhor tomatoes as much as I do. That's really a beautiful picture. So vibrant.

  11. I love tomatos. My sauce is slowly simmering right now.

  12. Love the pond covered in pollen......I envision sneezing fishies!

    The maters......blackbean and corn salsa!

  13. Great shot of the pond! like the reflections... fun with the side of tomatoes!

  14. The pollen on the pond looks like a fractal doing free float! Ah choo! The tomatoes are gorgeous - How many BLT's can a person eat?

  15. Acid free tomatoes, not sure whether that effects home made sauce or not. I always used ordinary tomatoes when making my tomato sauce.
    Pity about pollen everywhere it does effect so many people now days, our noses have become sensitive.

  16. Well,the pollen on the pond might be nasty but it sure makes for a good photo op! As for those tomatoes? Salsa or spaghetti sauce I think!

  17. That's a LOT of pollen! I'm not allergic to that kind usually. I have the BEST marinara recipe that I make and freeze. I wonder if I should go buy some tomatoes? (Last year I was making it the day before Thanksgiving because that's when the big batch of them were finally ripe.)


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