Saturday, August 08, 2009

CG Kate Bag Weekly Harvest w/a Side of Dirt

Things in the CG are kind of looking up! Our harvest this week is slightly even better than last. Just look at my CG Kate bag gatherings! Another gigantic zucchini, two cucumbers, (one that for whatever reason didn't make it into the pic), three peppers, and I so wish I knew what they were - the pepper we harvested last week was quite hot and when I sniffed the three from this week...well...they do not sniff sweet to me! Just look at the beans, those wonderful beans! Enough blue lakes with a few German yellows thrown in to make a mess that will feed not only GB and me, but a friend or two as well. Nice!
I do believe there's another stuffed zucchini in our immediate future. And if all our tomatoes ever ripen? Look out!

Oh, and the dirt? That cucumber was really covered with it!
This whole community garden thing is really a lot of fun.
Till next week's harvest!


getting excited about our CG weekly harvest!


  1. Enjoy. Your harvest looks delicious.

  2. Yum .. you know, I am sure, that if you slit open the peppers and remove the seeds and spine it de-hots them .. like garlic the oomph is in the 'spine'

    They dont look like Italian peppers, more like a jalapeno with a glandular issue .. I am sure they are good!

  3. Looking g.o.o.d.! I may have to plant some green beans next to the fence next spring. I'm partial to Kentucky Wonder Beans (I'm a southern gal).

  4. That's just awesome! I know how much hard work went into this project and how hopeful you have been.

    I am proud of your accomplishments!

  5. your hard work is paying off..and I bet tastes pretty darn good, too!

  6. Those look like banana peppers to me, and if so they aren't hot at all, but they're good blended with salsa.

    I just got done making up a batch of fresh salsa and used a habanero. Does anyone have a fire extinguisher?

  7. I'm so glad to hear that you're having fun w/ the garden! I'm really missing mine this year & I can't seem to get up early enough to go to The Farmer's Market. At least we have our *topsy-turvy* planters of tomatoes, but they have been really slow this year.

  8. Looks a lot better than the ones I bought off the street in Chinatown yesterday..Very delicious looking.

  9. I'm making homemade chicken enchiladas tonight and those peppers would go mighty nicely with it.


    Next year Audrey, next year you can have a garden too! *singers crossed*

    OK...I wanna see some pictures of the stuff you make! Pretty please?

  10. Nice harvest indeed. We have some nice tomatoes from four plants. Love them fresh. I think your zucchini is larger than the one my neighbor gave us. And it was big. I enjoyed my first visit to your blog.

  11. A wonderful harvest to be thankful for. Good job and enjoy eating all of it!

  12. I have just been trying to see what I have missed on your blog and have really enjoyed it.

    It sounds like you are really enjoying your CG!

  13. Wonderful! (My tomatoes are barely ripening. I've only had a few so far. Certain climates just don't cut it. My dad had tomatoes regularly 6 weeks ago.)


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