Friday, March 19, 2010

Like A Murder of Crows

Every time I see a crow I think of Sting. There are few music artists I simply adore and Sting is most definitely one of the few. Do you know his song "All This Time"? There is one little mention of a crow in the lyrics. Just one! But every single time I see a crow, I think of that song, though I have to admit the lyrics don't make a lot of sense to this non-religious girl. See for yourself:

Two priests came round our house tonight
One young, one old, to offer prayers for the dying
To serve the final rite
One to learn, one to teach
Which way the cold wind blows
Fussing and flapping in priestly black
Like a murder of crows

And all this time, the river flowed
Endlessly to the sea...




Sky Watch Friday
Do join us!

UPDATE @ 10:53am: My good friend Daryl found the neatest website that lists collective nouns (i.e. murder of crows, box of crayons, swarm of bees, etc.). Wow! There are so many I've never heard of - and a lot of really strange ones. Ever heard of a sleuth of bears? Or a charm of hummingbirds? I really like that last one. Oh, or a party of jays - I like that one too. If you have a minutes pop on over here. Oh dear...~lounge of lizards~. That just might be my favorite collective noun ever!


  1. a group of crows is called a "murder". i learned that today--thanks to your post.:p

  2. Love the photo....not a big fan of crows.

  3. Sting is a favorite of mine as well, and he will always be a sexy hunk.

    Crows always make me think of the Black Crows, the band.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. As Luna said the tradition name for a group of crows is a murder and I think the lyrics were about the dichotomy of priests and the religion...just my take.

  5. I had to go listen because I couldn't remember the words....crows are so thick around here. At least in Terre Haute, they are a real pest.

  6. I love Sting. Englishman in New York is my favorite but I also love Desert Rose ... Fields of Gold .. AND I adore the designation a murder of crows .. now I want to know how that came to be .. off to Google, clearly I am not busy at the office today .. ssssh!

    VW unnegle .. its un legal apparently

  7. this is cool ..

    click here for collective nouns or not

    WV: zedrat .. no, a zed rat is not a collective noun ...

  8. Well, I learned something new today as well. If many crows are calls a murder, what are many geese called?
    Oh, yes...a gaggle!

  9. A Lounge of Lizards?? I think we may know them...

  10. As a literacy teacher I always had fun teaching collective nouns. I am not a fan of crows and would much prefer to have a charm of hummingbirds flitting around. Enjoy your weekend.

  11. Great photo to celebrate sky watch friday and the view from your place. Always fun to see what inspires bloggers.

  12. Annie: Very cool photo of the crow in the pine. There is a movie called "A Murder of Crows" which I think of when I see them.

  13. Hello from Texas! Love your photos...I was born in New London and still have family in Old Mystic and Stonnington...
    Have a happy weekend!

  14. Gorgeous blue sky and I love the crow!! I also love Sting! Hope you have a great weekend, Annie!



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