Thursday, March 04, 2010

A Promise of Good Things to Come

On Tuesday I drove past this particular yard and nearly wrecked my car when I caught sight in my rear-view mirror at this surprising and glorious first burst of spring-time crocus in full bloom. Unfortunately I couldn't turn around and take photos of. I was depressed.

When I drove by my favorite little crocus field yesterday, it was cold and dismal and all the crocus were tightly shut. You can just see their lavender hue, but they are certainly not in their full sunny springtime-to-come finery!

BUT! Just wait till this weekend! We're going to be sunny and in the 50's! I'll be back with a photo of my crocus in all their glory! Truly a promise of good thing to come.



expecting springtime!


  1. woohooo!!!!! I can't wait for this warmer weather this weekend... will go photohunting myself.. can't wait.

  2. It is one of my favorite spots to check out! Thanks for alerting that it is time to turn R out of the driveway.

  3. So pretty. And I love those stone walls that are everywhere in New England ..

    WV beheda .. what her mother said to Ms Hopper ...

  4. I am going down there to day to view them!

  5. I swear this looks like a is just beautiful!

  6. Color! What is color? I hardly recognize it, although it sure is gorgeous. The early daffodils are blooming here too. It's a miracle.

    wv: upsas. Winter can shove it upsas. Sorry, that's not very nice. I'll behave next comment.

  7. Don't know what you did to that photo, but it looks like a Van Gogh. Nice work!

  8. I'm sure hoping my crocus come up this year. We had work done in the backyard last year, and I'm not sure that they didn't get trampled into oblivion!

  9. What a great promise of spring. Just lovely.

  10. I too, thought it was a painting and absolutely exquisite. Awesome shot.

    I look forward to some warmer temps with sun...we are all in need. But you already know what's on my forecast for next weekend...more? I can barely say the word anymore.

    WV: Grabia. Grabia while it's good.


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