Thursday, March 18, 2010

Trey-You Takes a Nap

As we all know, Stella-Dog bothers Trey-You incessantly, tho from what I've observed, for the most part, Trey-You seems to love it. Except when it comes to cat-nap-time. Trey-You is very serious about his cat-nap-time.
When the sun is shining into our sunroom, he always plants himself under a kitchen chair. He thinks his ~cat fortress~ will protect him from the affections of Stella. And surprisingly Stella doesn't ever bug him when he's there. She's such a good dog to know Trey-You's boundaries! Are you kidding?? I don't think she's figured out yet that with just a nudge of her nose Trey-You's fortress would be toppled and she could bug the crud out of him!

O if I could only take such a contented cat-nap!


expect cat-naps!


  1. excellent nap spot... i am always taken back to the never ending story and a big grin over takes me when you talk of your cat :D

  2. Bink likes to lay in the Sun in front of the glass door. A many a day I have thought of laying there with her cause it is just so warm.. the cat on the other hand wants to lay in the window sill.. and it has to be open or she just meows away until someone comes along and gives her the fresh air.

  3. You miss Stella's thinking here .. she lets him sleep because she knows he needs his rest for later when they play!!!

    Kitties sleeping make the sweetest photos ... they all look angelic and we know some of them are not.

    WV: cizatest .. if this is a test, I think I flunked

  4. Very sweet. Looks comfy and warm!

  5. Ooh! Cat naps! Love the sun shining on the cat.

    Stella dog is naughty. Cassie bothers her cat too. Such stinkers!

  6. Sleep on Trey-You. You've proven cats are smarter than dogs.

  7. That cat knows exactly what he's doing. REminds me of George Castanza when he built that secret bed underneath his desk at work so he could take a nap and nobody would see him or mess with him. Of course if you didn't watch Seinfeld, never mind. But that's what this reminds me of.

    wv: domph. Domph mess with Trey=You when he's trying to take a nap in the sun.

  8. Don't you wish you could sleep anywhere? I love that picture.

  9. My daughter, Lorelei's mom has the opposite problem...their cat will not let Otto sleep at night. He is always starting something and making Otto jump up which wakes up Sarah.


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