Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Uh Oh...

It's never a good sign to see white caps on a river...uh oh!
That should have been my first indication that possibly
this storm could have big time damaging winds.
And that I shouldn't have been out driving in it.
(Saugatuck river on 3/13/10)

Looking to the top of our road Sunday morning...uh oh!

Hemlocks that bit the dust in our yard...uh oh!

Quite the storm we had this past Saturday! It's being called ~The Nameless Hurricane~ considering the fact that we had near hurricane strength sustained winds for what seemed to be days hours on end. The damage has been so bad that my school, and many surrounding coastal schools were cancelled for both yesterday and today.
We finally had electricity back in our home once again last night around 6pm. Amazing what you can't do with no juice! Thank God it wasn't cold enough for pipes to freeze!
We lost one big hemlock tree, and when it fell it took out 4 other hemlocks. Quite the cleanup will have to be done, though son Bly and friends got a good start on it Sunday. I wonder if you can use hemlock wood for the fireplace...if we can, we have about 5 years worth of wood!
I've heard rumors that one of the worst damaged areas is our Fodor Farms Community Garden. It's on my list to go see for myself tomorrow. Hope it's not as bad as they say...

But, in the end, we're all safe and that's what is most important.

(If you click on the "photos" on the right you'll find more storm distruction.)


wasn't really expecting this!


  1. your photos are really evidence of the wicked weather that came your way. I always love a good storm as long as nobody gets hurt.

    stay safe!

  2. So glad you are all okay and that you and the rest of Cocktail Corner are okay ...

  3. Welcome back to the land of the juiced!

  4. We back home to upstate NY, through this storm, from Maine. It was awful. I saw scenes like those in your photos, all too often.

  5. Unbelievable. Hopefully that'll be the last bad storm for a while, we've had our fill. Spring is just around the corner.

    wv: donisho. (Say this with an Italian accent) Spring is right arounda the corner even if ita donisho yet.

  6. Fodor Farm lost some of its large pine trees. One right by the entrance fell on the edge of the upper plots. Not sure if you can get into the driveway yet.

  7. Wow, Annie. You guys had it bad. And yes, what a good thing it wasn't that cold.
    Hemlock isn't that great for firewood. Here's a handy chart:
    I'm handy like that, you know.

  8. Good thing everyone is okay and nothing fell on the house or cars.

  9. Oh wow...how awful! Sorry about your hemlocks. I hate losing trees! It's not like you can replace them with a full size one immediately...sigh. Stay safe and I'm glad it isn't so cold at least.

  10. I am glad all is safe...it could have been worse.

  11. We had it here in Maryland,too, flooding creeks and some downed trees.
    But wow what a great weekend this past weekend was ...70 degrees. I'm loving it!
    Happy gardening!


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