Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Serenity

Two ways to dye Easter eggs..
One in earth tones...
And another in blue...


Palm Sunday Serenity!

Both dyed eggs & photos by MumBum


  1. Very, very pretty eggs.

    wv: smene. Smene that you spent the day coloring Easter eggs?

  2. I can't decide which group of eggs I like best. I don't recall that I've ever seen brown-dyed eggs before, but they are beautiful. I like the arrangement, too. Good work, MumBum. Thanks for sharing the photos, Annie.

  3. These are wonderful. You did a great job.

  4. I have never seen such beautifully colored eggs. These are amazing.

  5. Appreciation from other end of the world :)

  6. I am sure I would love them if I could see them .. GAH .. Blogger is fcuking with the photos today.. empty frames on several blogs I have visited...

  7. Oh my! I love these two options. Secretly, I hate, hate, hate to dye Easter eggs. Did I say I hate to dye the egg?
    Will you do mine, please?

  8. Oh so pretty now that I can see them, almost makes me want to dye some my own self .. almost .. not quite

  9. Wow, I know I've never said this before in my life, but that's quite a dyeing talent you have there.

    I honestly never thought, "How beautiful!" about an Easter Egg before.

  10. The first ones look like they just came fresh from the hen house. I get farm fresh eggs with light green shells.


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