Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Serenity: And So It Goes...

My pond. Anyone who knows me even a tiny little bit knows how very much I love this pond. We've now lived by it for the last 29 years. Wow! I've never really thought about all those years and how they've fast!
We are one of four homes that are directly on our Sasqua Pond. The family in the home to our left has been here longer than we have. Lovely folks. Their boy was around 15 when we moved to the neighborhood; he's now well grown and a successful lawyer (Peace Corps on his resume, and yes I'm bragging on his behalf) in D.C. The home to our right and across the pond originally housed a family with two girls, one of which was the same age as our son. The girls went to Norwalk High and we had the pleasure of watching them grow up with our kids. One of the nice things of their going to the local high school was their hockey team taking advantage of our icy pond in the winter (not every winter - CT temps are often too mild for skating) to practice. Such fun to watch the guys skate and then the girls watch them. Now that home is occupied by a young couple who have just had their second child. They've added a big swing set/play scape to their back yard, and the sound of young children's squeals and laughter fill our air! How wonderful is that?
Now we come to the home pictured above. The first family that lived there when GB and I moved in were quite nice, but they were career folks and were rarely home, let alone outside to enjoy our pond. The next couple were delightful folks that had quite a few grandkids between the two of them. They all enjoyed fishing, skating, birding and just gazing at our pond for many years. A few years ago both of these wonderful folks died within a short time of each other and left that home vacant - but only for a short while! Now it is inhabited by a young couple with two young girls. Imagine my delight when I came down to my kitchen yesterday and looked out to see this little girl fishing! (Don't worry, Dad was close by, but was chasing her younger sister who had run behind the shed. Naughty!) I'm just delighted there are young-uns once again in two of the Sasqua Pond homes!
Don't know how long GB and I will be living here on this pond I adore. Maybe we'll move next year, maybe we'll show our grandkids the fishing ropes here. What I do know is that the goodness and serenity of this Sasqua Pond will live on long after we and the three other families living here are gone.

And so it goes...



Sunday Serenity


  1. Water and trees...the combination screams peaceful to me, anyone living near these two elements is truly blessed! Have a great day!

  2. Wonderful! You have the attitude of a perfect neighbor. I'm sure the neighborhood is blessed by your presence. Hope you get to stay a long time if you choose. You should give a link to this post to the new neighbors :-)

  3. Your photos of this pond have been some of my favorites.

    There's lots of water around here if you ever decide to move south. No one's snatched up MPM's brick house on the lane yet either.

    wv:carymi. Carymi back to ole Virginny...

  4. It is quite the beautiful spot...

  5. I too, love it when you write about the pond. I certainly hope you are out there today enjoying the beauty it offers.

  6. A wonderful post. Made me feel calm and serene just reading it.

  7. Water - it calls to me all the time. And I agree - the combination of water and trees - perfect!

    What a lovely place to live. You are very fortunate!

  8. I love your pond! For years we lived on a spring-fed mill pond. It was like being on vacation all the time.

  9. It's a beautiful area and nice to know its inhabitants appreciate its offerings. Thanks for sharing your beautiful space/

  10. This is really a lovely post! I enjoyed reading it.

  11. There are water people, and there are water people. That's a beautiful body of water.

    Thanks for the POTW recommendation!


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