Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Serenity

There isn't any.

We've had/are having the wind and rain storm from hell. 65 mile an hour gusts! That's not far from hurricane speeds! No electricity at our home and there are trees down everywhere. Matter of fact, there's one that's covering the top of our road (I'll try to get a photo tomorrow), but we played brave and drove under the broken part. I'm able to blog courtesy of cousin Jules. Her home is one of the few not affected by 'lecetricity loss. There are so many folks in Norwalk (and all of the surrounding towns) without electricity, I really wonder when ours will be back. 48 hours and all the fridge and freezer food should be fine - well, except the ice cream - after that...bye bye! Oh well, worse things have happened...



unexpected high winds - UGH!


  1. What a mess!! Do take care! I'll make sure not to whimper and whine about not having enough sunshine to suit me!! What a wuss I am!!! Guess the photo is about as opposite to your weather as you could find!! Terrific!


  2. ouch hope you get power back fast... we had to carry a truck full of meat to the local trailor park one time cause we lost power for 6 days... they were tickled to get food to cook ... we cried cause we could not afford to lose it all... so now i dont stuff the freezer any more... enough for a week or two tops...
    hope you have fun at jules :)

  3. Wow. Power is on here in Maryland. Our winds were wicked but not 65 mph. We did lose two trees on the property, though. Keep safe, my friend.

  4. Oh no, that's awful. We had that same storm but didn't lose current. It's gorgeous here today, hope things are back to normal for you soon.

  5. Hope you get the electricity back soon, and that the storms stop.

  6. I bet there's power at Partners and/or Dunville's .. I am glad I postponed the chair pick up til next weekend .. it was horrific here yesterday .. and it doesnt look much better today

    Use the cream to make some nice soup


  7. LOL...current alive and well at Dunville's. hiicup****

  8. Losing current is just the PITS!! If you can find ice anywhere, put some large bags in your fridge and will keep a bit longer that way.

    Stay safe!

  9. We lost all our stuff that wouldn't fit in the cooler a few years back. No 'lectric for three days! Great excuse to play cards and clean the fridge!

    Be safe!

  10. I've been hearing about that on The Weather Channel - So sorry your electric is out! Hope it's back on soon!

  11. Just checking in to see if you had posted any more news...will check back later.


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