Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dear Old Friends...

(I've lost all the photos for this post - don't know how and it pisses me OFF!)

Last night GB said to me, "Ann doesn't Fiona (tho we all actually call her Fi, pronounced ~fee~. We used to call her Fiona on Fire...but that's another story for another time) and her family live close by?" O my GOD! I had totally forgotten about her being here! (Since I've started working I'm having the worst time staying in touch. FOR SHAME!) We decided to call her and see if we could get together. GB dialed her number and her husband answered. He cautiously handed the phone to Fi because when she heard it was GB calling, she was convinced it was horrid news as last time GB actually called her, it was because someone close to all of us had unexpectedly died. Her husband became fully convinced something was wrong because she immediately burst into tears upon hearing what GB said. All he said to her was "Hi Fi, we're in town and would love to see you if you have a day free." Really. That's all he said. After trying to understand her for about 15 minutes, he finally just handed the phone to me. "Here, maybe you can understand her. Between her blubbering and her d*mn British accent, I can't understand a word!" It took me about 20 minutes to figure out she was crying because she had been so homesick lately and it was so WONDERFUL we were here and, yes, she was totally free to get together! I finally talked to her hubby just to be sure all was well. It was.

GB, Dodgie & I just got back from a wonderful day spent with her and her fambly.

We met for lunch on the Santa Cruz Wharf at Carniglia's (quite fabu!!). Fi had picked up her son, Jack from high school so we could have time with him since he had lacrosse practice at 3pm. We've known Jack his entire life - matter of fact I will embarrass him one day and tell of changing his diapers. (I'll wait for the appropriate girlfriend!) After lunch we went back to their home so we could meet for the very first time, Fi and Billy's son, Bubby. That's the adorable Bubby there in GB's lap. Fi said to him: "Bubby, go introduce yourself to GB and give his hand a shake." Bubby walked over, told GB who he was, stuck out his hand and when GB took it, Bubby climbed into his lap. GB melted, just melted right away. My Dodgie is a sweetheart, don't get me wrong. Bubby.....would melt the heart of Ivan the Terrible. What a dolly!

Notice the bottle of wine on the kitchen counter. Oh please do! Fi stopped and got that on her way home. She knows our past. And it nearly always involved grapes in one form more than any other. We have not changed anything other than our geographic proximity - the friendship and all that involves remains strong. As you can see, the boy had a great time. Matter of fact, Dodgie announced to us on the way home that those were "really fun kids". He's looking forward to seeing them again!

Here Dodgie, Bubby and his big sis, Riah, are feeding Bubby & Riah's miniature guinea pig, Greenie. There's a plastic ball that Greenie is put in. He can then scamper all over the house without getting lost. Riah told me he's very fast and it's a big mistake if he's allow to roam without being in his ball.

I had the good sense to leave my coat at their home so Billy, Fi and Bubby are coming on Saturday for the Bum's fifth annual Crabtacular. I'll fill you in on that soon!



  1. I like the sense of family and friends your blog has. Beautiful pictures of California in a previous post, too. I would love to live there.

  2. Sounds like great fun. I'm lucky to have many close friends nearby, so can't imagine having one of them move away. It's bad enough having my mom & sister do that!

  3. The Hamster is actually called Rose where the heck you got Greenie from I don't know! Must Have been the wine.
    Ann failed to mention the after they left I ended up Plastered on the 10 o'clock news. Long story.

    Love ya Fi x x x x

  4. Sorry Rose! Had NO IDEA what her name was....and really don't know where the heck I came up with it!


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