Saturday, February 23, 2008

2004: 6 Crabs, 4 People

2008: 200 lbs. Crab, 150+ People
Crabtacular V
Tequila MockingCrab

Imagine This:
  • 2 perfect hosts, both w/5 years crabbacious experience

Our Bbum & Chrissy - thx for the pic whoever took it - I did not
  • 1 perfect party house - totally open floor plan (an Eichler - 'k?)
  • approx. 1500 square feet blue tarp to keep off continual rain
  • 1 very good, tarp hanging-inclined friend (thank you BEN!)
  • 2000 or so square feet astro-turf for a mudless backyard
  • 1 Big Green Egg for perfectly smoking 50 pounds of...
  • ...BBum's perfect pulled pork ~ & EVERY DANG BITE EATEN!!!!
  • 1.5 cases tequila from Julio Bermejo, Tequila Ambassador of the World, of Tommy's Mexican Restaurant in San Fran.... ~ & EVERY DANG DROP CONSUMED!!!!
  • equivalent amount Tommy's Heavenly Margarita Mix ~ & EVERY DANG DROP CONSUMED!!!!
  • 1 case of Los Abuelos/Fortaleza provided by - and served by - the honorable Guillermo Erickson Sauza, fifth generation tequila maker making the best heartlands tequila on the planet - this one's for sippin' ~ & EVERY DANG DROP CONSUMED!!!!
  • plus Bbum's personal barrel of aging Tequila ~ WAS EVERY DANG DROP CONSUMED????
  • many fabu pot-luck dishes brought by the attendees ~ & EVERY DANG BITE EATEN!!!!
  • 2 dogs, Janice & Ruby, for dropped-food clean-up duty - job very well done, girls!!!
  • 150 - 200 Crabtacular invitees ~ & EVERYONE THRILLED TO BE THERE!!!!
  • 1 perfect nephew/godson ~ see Mr. Wonderful's picture just below!!!

Love love love you, dodgie - xoxoxoauntie nanas & uncle gbxoxoxo

Now Imagine THIS:
(see you there next year for VI!)


P. S. - Until I figure out how to do that Flickr thing, go here
for more (of my quite ordinary) Crabtacular V photos.
Don't forget to visit my bro's blog for more Crabtacular V!


  1. Your ads are getting much better:)

  2. Wow - that looks like an incredible party and feast! Wish I could've been there - but it gave me a helluvan idea for our upcoming Memorial Day Bash at our place this year.


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