Tuesday, February 05, 2008

It's Bridge Night!

Tonight we're at that Mental Mama's home. I sincerely hope to be reporting back later that my winning streak is continuing. Those fairy-card goddesses were sure good to me last time. Do sit on my sholder again....please...F-C G's?!
And do let me repeat the hopes and dreams for last bridge night's junk food consumption we all so miserably failed to heed:
I'm also hoping to be able to report that our consumption of junk food was reasonable this time. Of course, that would be a first. (Refer to this Mental Pause Mama post. See what I mean??) HA! Do ya think we'll do any better this time? I'm taking bets!



  1. If you can try not to cheat, I'll be very happy;)

  2. Oh my gosh, you two are real live friends too? How cool. Well, I hope there is little cheating and lots of junk food *g

  3. Hey, I played once with a group and they never invited me back...we noshed, played cards, had fun...now I am all alone........


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