Friday, February 08, 2008

Boy, Do We Have Bloomage!

Above behold our ever-blooming Miss Amaryllis in all her magnificent glory. (I've decided that any flower that's as pretty as an amaryllis must be a girl flower, and no, don't go sendin' me botany lessons, this is just my romantic opinion, 'k?) Though she's still beautiful, she's no longer perfect like she was the first year she bloomed. The blossom, that the first year was purely red is no longer (like this one that Kacey photographed), the four buds on each stalk never bloom at the same time, and some of the blossoms are usually deformed - but still beautiful (to me at least) in their own way. Though I don't remember there being two bulbs, there are now, and the second bulb has two bloom stalks growing out of it. I wonder what color they'll be!

Aren't they just beauteous?

We have other bloomage going on as well. It's a crazy year! The bougainvilla never blooms in the winter time. Guess Miss Bougie up there thinks it's spring - she's covered with blossoms.

I know, I know, I really should trim back this pathetic-looking hibiscus. But nearly every stem has a bud on it...
...and when the flowers are this pretty, I just can't bring myself to trim.

Even Miss Geranium is getting in on the act.


Flowers in winter.
Aren't they a beautiful sight?
They warm one's soul, yes?




  1. I'm so ready for real live flowers to bloom at my house...crocus, daffodils, tulips...

    Your amaryllis shot is great. Tell me you had to take a bazillion shots to get one you liked. Please?

  2. I want warm weather!!!!!

  3. hmmmm...I just looked and there are 2496 images in iPhoto on my computer. So that would be yes, I took many many many pictures of the amaryllis to get one that was half-way decent. The backgrounds on the amaryllis and hibiscus plants could certainly have been better - the window panes of the sun room pose all kinds of problems - but I was afraid if I moved the amaryllis, the stalk might break, and I was too lazy to move the hibiscus. Oh well.
    Must go now and delete about 2000 pictures out of my iPhoto program!

  4. I read Kacey's comment fast and thought she said "tell me you got s brazilion to get this shot"!!!
    I'm Just sayin'...I am not well......

  5. I love flowers. Especially now because it's February and cold and bleak.

    Especially liked the hibiscus.

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