Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I've Decided I'm...

...postponing the Sunday Family Dinner post till tomorrow......

Just got back a few minutes ago from a brain-storming dinner to discuss what our theme will be for the annual fund-raising gala for our local hospital. I'll keep you abreast, and always briefly, of the progress we're making just because it's such a worthwhile endeavor, (but also know it's boring to those who aren't locally involved).

Must say we had TONS of laughs trying to come up with THE party theme. Among them: Remember the '80's (don't think so), Bring it on Down Home (must we milk the cows??), Fashionistas (who do we think we are - NYC runway divas???), Elephants & Asses (yeah, right, let's use a political theme in an election year - that'll go over so well with everyone), Honky-Tonk Town (OK - whatever), Half n' Half (dairy...AGAIN? Moo!).

When we finally come up with a/the winner, (and maybe we did tonight, but not tellin' no one yet!), I'll let you know.

Last year was a HUGE HUGE success for the hospital. We made more $$$ than anyone expected.

And we ARE going to succeed our success!!



  1. How could you write tis after our evening? All I was good for was the bed.

  2. Right. That's fair. Just keep us guessing on the theme...

  3. "We are going to succeed our success!!" I LOVE that line.

    Good luck!


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