Tuesday, April 01, 2008

30 Years Ago, This Very Minute...

GB and I were getting hitched!
(I was a child bride. ;-)
The only April Fool's joke?
There wasn't even one itty bitty prank!
(We were kinda disappointed.)
It was a sunny, 78ยบ,
beautiful day.
The whole shebang was simply perfection!

So far it's been a very good ride...
I really haven't wanted to kill him too badly...yet.
Close at times, but not yet... :-)

Sure do love ya, GB!




  1. Happy Anniversary, Annie.

    Don't know whatever took me so long, but I added you to my blogroll. It's been rude of me to visit and not comment when I'm here. Sorry about that!

  2. Happy Anniversary, Ann and George!
    Nice work! Ann, are you home yet?

  3. I'm back, WT. When's bridge night???

    And thank you, Kate, for adding me to your blogroll! What an honor!! It's much appreciated, and your visits here are reciprocated by my visits to your CCG!


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