Sunday, April 13, 2008

Miss LaLa & I Take a Field Trip

~peace to all who enter~

My dear friend Mental Pause Mama, aka Miss Lala, aka Lauren, aka a LOT of other noms de plume, called me this morning. She told me that there were amazing flowering things happening around the grounds of her church and after reading about my confederate violets, she really thought I needed to go see what was blooming and that she most definitely needed to go with me. Road trip!

St. Paul's on the Green is a lovely Episcopal church in Norwalk, CT. It isn't my church, (actually I don't have a specific church), but is one that welcomes all comers regardless of, well, anything and that I've loved attending. But I digress.

For the many (um, few?!?!) of you who have been following me since the inception of this little old blog thing, you know that two of my loves are flowers and tombstones/cemeteries. Love em, love em!

Miss Lala thought these were forget-me-nots. I don't know what they are, but they aren't f-m-n's! What are these lovely little blue beauties? Some kind of hyacinth? *see update at bottom!

And by the slope that goes down to the Post Road, that would normally be covered with the detritus of we humans (think trash and lots of it), it's a veritable sea of those blue beauties! What are these flowers??

Anywho - our field trip and the lovely spring weather has truly inspired me to go tombstoning....reporting of my tombstone adventure comes tomorrow....or the next day. Hey! I'm on spring break...naps...they rule!



*Update from my gardening parents:
Those lovely flowers are
~Scilla Siberica~ or ~Siberian Squill~


  1. Wow, great! I would so have loved to go with you!

  2. They may be forget-me-nots.

    Check this site. Olivia posted this picture last week.


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