Saturday, April 19, 2008

It's Just Wrong!

There's something so very wrong about a big plate of delicious looking cheese and meat covered nachos with a side of salsaed sour cream sitting next to all those diet books. I'll bet there isn't a recipe for nachos in even one of them! As you will see, my youngest daughter, Brynnly, has absolutely no empathy for me or my friend!

Miss LaLa walked over to my house with her various diet books as I have finally embraced the awful truth that since Christmas I have put on a few pounds and they simply aren't going away. I've also drifted closer to the floor. My mother, who knows a lot and is always willing to share, has told me numerous times that this occurs to everyone as they age, it just isn't those of us with big ol' muffin tops. Since drifting's a given, having an out-of-control muffin top is quite literally adding insult to injury.

I added my own books to the pile and then we spent the next 15 minutes or so having a highly philosophical discussion about the various pros and cons of the various horrifying diets represented and how we both really needed to embrace one of the diets and stick to it. There was a lot of highly philosophical cussing, too. Cussing and talking about diets seem to go hand in hand. I wonder why.

We weren't really paying much attention to anything other than ourselves when we both became aware that there was a lovely aroma in the air. The kind of aroma that makes your mouth water. The kind of aroma that can only mean big-time calories. While eavesdropping on us, Brynnly had the audacity to make nachos, carry the nachos to the table, plunk them down by our diet books and eat them in front of us. She also said something along the lines of "Oh my GOD!! You guys are talking diets again? Why? You know you two will stick to it for, like, about 5 days and that'll be that!" I said for that snooty little remark, I was going to take pictures of her eating that sinful plate of calories and post them here. "Well," Miss Smarty Pants replied, "I am not going to pose for any darn picture and you better hurry because I'm not stopping eating just to wait for you to take a picture." She can be so bratty at times!

Little Miss Smarty Pants then asked us if we wanted a bite. Can you imagine that? Because we both have such control, we both yelled an emphatic "NO" at the same time. I then reminded her that she was my daughter after all and just maybe in the future she might have a teensy tinsy little old weight problem as well. I cannot tell you what her reply was, as I try to keep this at least a PG rated place. Suffice it to say Brynnly is sure extra poundage will never be a problem for her. HA! That's what she thinks. And when her time comes, I promise I will refrain from saying "Told you so!" I will! No, I REALLY will!

Um...I'd like an order of skinny, please, along with a side of svelte. No, don't Super-Size it.




  1. I have been thinking about those nachos all damn day.

  2. Yeah, I hate to think how thin I was abou 20 years ago, and then I thought that I was fat. Oh for those days again, with 30 less pounds. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. That is so not fair! AT ALL! How wrong of her...but geez they look great.

  4. It's so nice to have a good laugh about dieting.....since dieting is nothing to laugh about :-) I declared the desire to eat better and lose some weight back in January and haven't lost a pound, as far as I know. But I'm still working on it. Bought a stationary recumbant bike to prove it.....haven't ridden it much yet, but intend to! Do you see a pattern between my intentions and my actual behavior?? Maybe that is the problem. You think? Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I'll be back.

  5. Working mom, I can't agree more. All those years I thought I was fat, too. And looking at pictures, I was so skinny!
    Yes, this is wrong with the nachos. And I can't believe I haven't been here for a week, Annie! I love your goldfinch feeder below. But I especially love that you have a 'cocktail corner' in your yard.


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