Monday, April 21, 2008

King of the Side Table...

...has figured out where all the occupied bedroom windows are. When he decides it's time to come inside from his night of cat carousing and debauchery (I'm living vicariously through him), usually around 4:00am, give or take 15 minutes, he simply goes to each of the windows and meows, scratches and bangs on them until he's finally driven one of the humans over the edge and they open the window for him. I have recently discovered one of my family humans has solved this nightly nightmare by leaving her window permanently open. Below, behold the incriminating evidence. It does cut down on interrupted sleep...however...I can think of several drawbacks to this plan...

"You are lookin' at me?"

"You are not worthy of my look, so I shall bathe now and ignore you..."
(unlike my dog who would immediately come
back in the room, all a-dither for attention)
(15 minutes later)
"My stomach - it roars!"

"YES! I am too quick for the slow human's camera.
Must. Find. Food. Now!"
~~~Hmmm...maybe I should make him into a lamp...




  1. Annie--how's that heating oil bill working with this new plan??

  2. That is adorable and priceless when you can get it on film.

  3. What is it with cats and 4am? Ours scratches and howls at the bedroom door until one of us gets up and stumbles out to feed (or curse) her...

    Here is a very funny post about cats and dogs:

    Good for a chuckle...

  4. How funny! I love it! My cats rule this house. :)

  5. You have that cat attitude down pat! But --the cats outdoors dellima -- I hope he's not out there catching birds!
    Your flower posts are beautiful!

  6. Thanks for your visit and kind words.
    I love your sweet cat looking out at spring.
    Love Jeanne

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving nice comments, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I enjoyed looking at yours also. I have a couple of cats too but I keep them indoors all the time so I don't have the 4 AM wake up calls wanting to come in or go out.

  8. Cats will be cats...their plan is never our plan. If I left a window open, mine would probably bring a skunk home or some other unpleasant thing. Mine generally stay in at night...whether they like it or not.

  9. This is hysterical. Cat's own the world. The open window is evidence.


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