Saturday, April 26, 2008

Robin's Egg Blue ReDeux

In the Magnolia Tree...
April 25, 2008
In four days, four eggs!
There are bugs to catch! Robin
parents, get ready!

Obviously mama Robin doesn't place the magnolia leaves over her eggs as I thought.
After the leaves fall, perhaps mama Robin moves them where she wants them to be.

It's still magic!


Another meme has this way come! I'll attempt this meme, but don't hold your breath for any great revelations...well since there aren't any to begin with, expel your breath now. (sigh)
The rules:
a. Link to the person who tagged you.
b. Post the rules on your blog.
c. Write six random things about yourself.
d. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
e. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment at their blog.
f. Let your tagger know when your entry is up.
g. Don't follow the rules if you don't want to (I added that! :-)

1. I've always wanted to live in a home with a big front porch that has lots of rocking chairs on it. Of course, I want this porch to come with butlers, or whomever, that would serve me & Co. the beverages and bites of our choice, but I'll settle for just the porch and rockers. I would like the roof of this porch to be tin and for it to be raining at least every third night or so as the sound of rain on a tin roof is just loverly. And last, I want my porch to be on my horse farm as:

2. I desperately want to own a horse farm. This had been a dream of mine for years tho I really don't know why. I do not want to ride them, per say, but I want to own the farm and help take care of the horses, both my own and those that will board with me. Oh, and on my horse farm there will be either a lake, pond, stream or river that my home with the porch will be by.

3. I hate hate hate phlegm. Even when it was my own kids' when they were growing up. Made and makes me feel like, well you know. Just about any other body fluid I can handle.

4. The only other human being in the entire universe that knows exactly what I weigh is my OB-GYN. He ain't tellin'. And if he does, I'm suin'!

6. My glass is not only half full, it's actually 3/4's full. There are those that think that's because I'm a Democrat (my husband). It's actually because I'm an Optimistic Realist.

6.1. I cannot abide blue cheese. I cannot state this enough. I cannot abide it. Ever. Even in little bits or pieces. Hate it. (This is a bonus thing about me. Aren't you happy you know that? ;-)

DANG - I don't know who to tag - well, how about kacey, kelly, kate, college mama, dlyn & mary if they stop by. This was fun! Thanks!




  1. I tell yah, you would not like me very much about now. Part of my under the weatherness has included phl**m. Yuck. I can't even spell it. And there is that passsion I have for blue-veined cheese. YUM. Have you ever had a souffle made with it? Hahahahaha! I'll add this meme to my list of things to do. I've been fighting with my blog all day and am quite disgusted with the entire thing. *sigh*

  2. hey kel - if you keep your phl**m to yourself, that's good by me.
    And some of my bestest friends, namely jules and mental LOVE the blue veined stuff....along with my mother and sister who adore it and would probably eat it on cheerios.
    Hope you feel better FAST! abb

  3. Great job. Right about now I would love to sit on that porch with you and watch the horses with a cup of coffee and a shot of Bailey's of course.

    Thanks for playing.

  4. Ummm. What about cilanto Annie? Why don't you tell the world about your feelings on that?!?? Pople, she gets positively red in the face when it comes to cilantro. Happy Day! Call me when GB finishes building that porch. I'll bring the wine.

  5. That was interesting to read and I do love learning things about others....but I hate writing them about myself! I did one meme and struggled with it for days. I'm shy and the idea that anyone would want to know 6 random things about me is sort of mind-boggling and scary. I'd rather sit on that wonderful porch or yours in the rain and just chat while we watch the rain :-) I love that your glass is 3/4 full...I wish that everyone's was. I think that an OB/GYN who tells would be stoned and run out of town :-) Certainly would be a just punishment.

  6. Gorgeous photo! Thanks for posting it.

    Love your idea of the wrap-around porch, rocking chairs and tin-roof!

  7. Well done on the meme! I've done a couple, and while they were interesting, I've decided not to do anymore. I do like reading others though. The robin's eggs are so pretty! Great picture!

    I read your comment on my blog. Thank you. When Mom goes home, we're hoping to go back to the daffodil place this week so we can really explore it. When we do, I'll make note of the roads we took to get there and mileage too, if I can. Then I can give you a better idea of how to get there. It's really out in the country, but not too hard to find.

  8. Great photo. Love how the birds lined the nest with the flower pettals.. Makes it smell better.. :-)

  9. Oh no! I've been tagged again. This is what happens when you blog. I will try to accomplish this monumental task, however. Thanks for thinkin' of me!

  10. Hm, I with you on the bleu cheese! Yuck. Wrong taste, wrong smell, wrong texture! Well, wrong everything!!

  11. I am an optimist also . . . or as I described it in a post once:

    Not only is my glass half-full, it has champagne in it and I finish drinking it I can just get more from the bottle in the fridge!

    Thanks for stopping by.


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