Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Frustration Abounds!

I have a very wonderful photo or two from my very own community garden site of the most MAGNIFICENT eggplants I've ever managed to grow (the first and only I've ever grown, just as an aside)...and the download cord is missing! DAMMIT! I promised you a photo of yesterday's mystery flower (that some of you guessed correctly), but until Thursday when I FINALLY find my download cord and show you the most lovely Blystone original fully ripened eggplant photos, I hope the above will suffices.

An eggplant on the vine - here's the above in the original:


  1. Can't wait to see the elusive eggplant, which nobody around here can seem to grow either. Not realizing how difficult they were to grow (and frankly never having grown any vegetable before) I naively bought a couple of plants in the spring.

    I held the vegetable funeral a few weeks later. It was a quick, swift death.

  2. You know, I wondered if that wasn't an eggplant! What other vegetable would have that color flower? But I thought, eggplant is so difficult to grow, it's probably not an eggplant.

    Well, I'd forgotten it was Ann who was growing it. And grow it did, and I will soon see. Have a beautiful day, Ann!

  3. You need to buy a card reader to keep next to the computer for times when you misplace the camera cord, of course the card reader needs a cord too ... but that's a whole other issue...........

    So are you going to make eggplant Parmesan?

  4. we will bask in the glory of your magnificent eggplants and send great accolades regardless of a photo!

  5. Eggplants? gag. But I would like to come over and have you make me a ham cheesy sandwich. Okay?

  6. I miss eggplant, hubby is allergic.

  7. We love eggplant. Glad yours did well.

  8. I thought I was the only one that loses things!

  9. Eggplant. Yum. I didn't guess right but if memory serves me correctly, I rarely do. Twas a lovely blossom!

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