Thursday, September 17, 2009

Plethora of Pepper Questions...

Dear Pepper People,

If I keep these on the vine,
will they ripen into red/yellow/orange peppers?

Here I have a surprise! A purple pepper from the get-go!
Will it stay purple??

What about these peppers?
Destined to be green?
Possibly turning yellow/orange/red??
Or just maybe purple?

expecting all pepper questions to be answered!


  1. I don't know about the leaving on the vine bit; if I had to guess I'd say they wouldn't turn, but this is coming from someone with the gardening skills of a small kitchen appliance.

    That purple one? Your eggplant and your green pepper must have had a tryst? (See above about small kitchen appliance.)

  2. I agree with CBW... no turning.. and a tryst. I have more intelligence than a small kitchen appliance so I know she does too.. we just dull it with alcohol leaving a kitchen appliancy effect on the things we do.. Oh maybe I shouldn't speak for her..

    but I do know she is at least as smart as a lawn mower cause I ranked leaf blower!

  3. Those Virginia ladies are funny;) And peppers? Pfpfpfpth

  4. Both CBW and Ann Marie are smarter than me when it comes to country stuff/water stuff .. kitchen appliances and garden equipment .. me I know about fashion and beautification so I am going to say (final answer) if its green its gonna stay green, peppers unlike tomatos do not change color .. they are what they are ... and that purple pepper .. its definitely an alien ... clearly it got it on with the eggplant

  5. all that came to mind was...

    Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers...:)

  6. Well, I just love peppers and these are beautiful! I don't think I've ever seen a purple one!

    Have a great weekend!


  7. A purple pepper! I've never seen one!

    I tried to grow peppers this year. I got ONE ... about two inches long and about as big around as my thumb.

    I don't think vegetable gardening is for me.

  8. Your purple pepper will start to turn yellow, or purple with streaks of yellow, so picking it now would be optimum.

    As for the green peppers turning red or yellow...the longer you leave them on the vine, the more they will turn red and then yellow (up to 100 days) and the cooler weather up north is more conducive to color turning...that is why red and yellow peppers cost more than green ones. It takes a patient grower to achieve the darker and more vibrant colors other than green.

    Way to go and good luck! Keep us updated!

  9. I'm with Sandy - Gimme the pepper!

    Cheers, Klaus

  10. All of a sudden I have peppers coming out the wazzoo. Weird. Mine are mostly green, though. Destined to be sliced and frozen, eventually to be in fajitas.

  11. Throwing it in my face!

    Purple peppers are purple peppers, but they might get a hint of red in them.

    All green peppers will eventually turn red--or yellow--but usually red. Well maybe not ALL, but anything I've ever grown will if left long enough--even jalepenos. (Maybe not the banana-type ones that you have.)

    I've also had chocolate brown peppers and ivory peppers. They,like the purple, are more of a novelty than anything,I think. They don't taste any better.

    All of yours are beautiful!

  12. Greek salad is definitely coming to mind all of a sudden.


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