Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Goods...

Those who guessed that the bloom of Tuesday's post was a future eggplant were most definitely correct! Look at that beauty! One of two I picked, and there's more coming on.

Don't know about you, but I find the eggplant to be the most sensuous veggie. The shape, and especially in the above photo, the light reflecting...there are many wondrous shapes least to me!

I am completely and totally bereft! Not only have I misplaced my camera upload cable (handily replaced today at Staples with a camera card reader), I also misplaced my CG Kate bag. Can't imagine where I lost it. (And I MISS it! It just has to be here somewhere!) So...this week's harvest comes to you courtesy of wooden bowl who kindly offered to step in for my Kate bag. Not quite the same, but guess it will have to do. (sigh)

On another note, I've harvested enough tomatoes (not in the above photo - in another wooden bowl and I totally forgot to take the pic, darn it!) and peppers that I was able to share with a friend! I was totally excited about that!

And this, my friends, is my zucchini plant. It is dead. Thoroughly and completely dead. After a total of two (2) zucchini harvested. I was told to only plant one because there are always so many zucchini on one vine, you'd never be able to use all of two vines. Really? I think not! I am the only gardener, novice or master, that can readily and ably kill zucchini. What's up with that??


expect no zucchini from me!


  1. You are the very first person I know, who has planted zucchini who has not then been beset by a plague of the green things upon harvest. *lol*

    This is why I don't luck would never hold out like that.

    Oh and the eggplant? Gorgeous. I think they are one of the most beautiful plants to grace a garden, ever. I'd love to grow them. However, I don't care for the taste, so like the typical zucchini gardener, I'd be foisting huge purple globes on everyone I know.

  2. Eggplant is beautiful. I'm not a huge fan of eating them, but they are beautiful!

  3. I just love eggplant and agree with you on the sensual properties both in sight and taste...mmmmmm.

    You have done a wonderful job and I am sre wih each year, you will only learn more and more. Maybe even to build a hot house on your property...or at least a hot box.

  4. I had some fabulous eggplant for lunch yesterday ...those are beautiful.

  5. Do not make any eggplant for me. I would, however, like my ham-cheesy. Gluten-free, thank you;)

  6. Awww I'm so sorry about your z plant! Better luck next year

    That eggplant is a beauty though! You made up for the z w/ the e plant! hehehehe

  7. Wow, those were amazing! Now you only forgot one important thing- a recipie for eggplant!!! I guess you're going to save that for another post- I HOPE??? ;-))

  8. Way to go! I am still picking peppers and tomatoes.

  9. You may not have mastered zucchini, but your elegant eggplants more then make up for them! Wonderful!

  10. Ann: Beautiful eggplant for sure. There is a borer that lays eggs in the stem of zuchhini and kills the plant as the grub grows. I always plant several plants with the hope that it doesn't get them all.

  11. Those eggplant are GORGEOUS! Yes, they are a lovely vegetable. I'm a bit bereft about the CG bag, too. And shocked about the zucchini. I didn't know they COULD die! Maybe it's like my pepper plants. No good reason... just us.

  12. Annie I know this is morbid but YAY! A dead zucchini plant. I love a dead zucchini plant. Can you tell they are not my favorite but the farmer plants at least two every year and I always have tons of these beasts.

    So sorry! So sorry for laughing.

  13. Don't feel too badly. I'm a good gardener & I finally quit trying to grow zucchini because they always died. I also learned that I can grow yellow squash much better from seed than a store bought plant.

    Besides, you did so well for your first time out!!!!


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