Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Perfection....Wood Works!

Must say, this totally looks like the perfect husband...
And more importantly, the perfect pets...
Just sayin'...


expect anything!

BTW: Jules took the above photo for me. She was on the passenger side.


  1. Fabulous .. no 'what did you say' and no having to walk them/clean up after them (they dont poop sawdust, do they?)

  2. How neat to have some you don't have to clean up after! Great shot :-) Probably don't keep you warm in the winter, however.

  3. I don't know...their personalities look a little flat...hmmm...(hardy har har...my attempt at a joke!!)

  4. HE'd be even perfecter if he were over 6 feet tall and holding a winning lottery ticket.

    The dog is DEFINITELY perfect.

  5. I had a guy like that once. For a while. Not very long. Long enough. The dogs would be perfect.

  6. We have a couple of homes in our little neighborhood that have things like that in their yards except one is a menacing looking silhouette of a man, standing near a tree. And just to screw with me, I think the homeowners move it around. It really freaks me out.

    Then there is another family that has a moose cut out like that. Yeah, that really gets the blood pumping early in the morning when you're not sure if a moose is about to jump out at you and destroy your SUV...again.

  7. They do look perfect : ) Can I marry that man right away? Will he still pay the mortgage?


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