Friday, September 18, 2009

Steeple in the Sky

Lovely Baptist Church
Mathews County, VA
I'll see it again!

Spent a magical weekend there with 20 or so of my (now) close blogging friends. We've all written about it ad infinitum, and the good memories just don't dim. Can't wait till next summer when we get together once more! What a time we had!


expect anything!

SkyWatch Friday
Do join us!


  1. Beautiful shot! And how I envy you getting together with blogging friends! That had to be the most fun ever!

    Have a great weekend!


  2. That is a beautiful steeple! I like the way it stretches up to Heaven.

  3. At first I thought that was my church, Old Baptist aka Mathews Baptist (founded in 1776), but upon closer inspection, I don't think it is. We do have some beautiful old churches here with very deep roots in the community.

    Great picture and yes you will see it again soon. Summer can't get here fast enough.

  4. Hey that is the Waterkids church!!!!! Way Cool!

    I can't wait until next summer either!

  5. you may have gotten THE best angle of us all ... next summer cannot come too soon

  6. That's a gorgeous photo - I love it! Why wait til next summer? Do it again sooner - who knows if next summer will get here?!?!?!?

  7. Ann: What a neat memory of the meeting with a SWF shot.

  8. It IS Mathews Baptist Church. Organized 1776. Here's Annie actually taking this photo:

    Oh, yeah.

  9. I enlarged this and it is even better enlarged.

  10. This is beautiful! I love steeple shots and that sky behind it is just wonderful.


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