Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Urban Road w/a HUGE Side of Amazement

In the last few times that I've driven I-95 North, out of the corner of my eye, I've noticed something out of the ordinary. Actually it's something that looks nearly impossible to be able to do.
So, I took 95 Monday with the sole purpose of getting a photo of the phenomenon. (That wasa before I misplaced my camera, and no, I didn't stop to take the picture, which accounts for the quality of said photo.)
Look closely at that overhead sign (click on it to embiggen). On the north-bound or right side of it, there are signs for 95 North and for East Norwalk's exit 26. On the other side, there's the back of another sigh. Above the middle of the 3-lane interstate. In the wide open where anyone and everyone can see, even at night as 95 is fully lit at all times. The back of that sign is completely covered with graffiti. Neatly and completely. Just one question comes to mind...HOW did whoever they are do that?
Well, while we're asking questions, I'd also like to know WHY? Just two thoughts come to my mind...gang marking/initiation, or some crazy-stupid young kids making their juvenile mark.
But much more than why, I'd like to know how. Sure, they could climb the scaffolding, but they surely had to do that at night to have the only chance not get caught, and that adds all kinds of obstacles (can't see what's being painted, can't see to climb, how did they carry all the cans of spray paint, surely there was more than one person needed to carry that out, etc.)

And I bet I'll never ever know the answer to one of those questions. (sigh)

On another note....
My CG Kate bag harvest for last Saturday. Found my camera, not so much my Kate bag, dammit! (I am truly bereft over losing misplacing it - SO hope it's found.) As you can see, production is quickly waning. Tomatoes (what there are of them - terrible season all around) are not as red, bean production is tapering off. Peppers, however seem no where near slowing down, and if we have just a few more warm days, I'll have another round of gorgeous eggplant! For a poor year of gardening for most everyone in New England, I'm sorta of pleased with my first attempt.

Here's to next year's garden!


expect anything!


  1. Those gangsters did the graffiti thing to embiggen themselves.

    The tomatoes here started off really bad but came in with a vengeance late in the season. This was also my first time with a small garden, so forgive me if I'm telling you the obvious, but those tomatoes will ripen/redden up if you just leave them on the counter a few days. I always thought they had to be on the vine, but they don't. I've even pulled mostly green tomatoes and they turned afer they came inside for a bit.

  2. It was tagged (and not painted over) BEFORE being installed, yes? Unless you remember a time when it was clean.

  3. I have a garden full of perpetually green tomatoes. The constant rain won't let the sun through to ripen them. Grr.

  4. Well, on Saving Grace, Grace and her BF wore miner's helmets w/lamps to be able to see .. and lowered themselves over the top of the overpass/underpass/whichever in harnesses that you use to climb up/down rock walls ... as to why, well, asshats rarely need a reason other than its there or someone dared them.

  5. I have to really is a cool thing to see.

  6. which reminds me - I want to go see if any butter beans are left today.

    sorry, it's on the ebb

  7. The inaugural season of farming is behind you. Are you already planning next years crops?

  8. OK, I'm weird. I know it is graffiti, but I kind of like it as art as long as it isn't on anything important and isn't vulgar. Sure makes watching trains going by more interesting. I would like to know how they got it way up on that sign.

  9. You SHOULD be pleased. And I'm thinking peppers need cooler weather since my have problems every year. But they also do worse if they don't get full sun here, so I think it's just the temperature.

    I hope that bag is found SOON!!!

    Oh, the graffiti. Yes. Don't understand.

  10. I saw that graffiti, too, and wondered how someone could have gotten up there. What about falling, right into the middle lane of 95? Gruesome!


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