Thursday, September 24, 2009

CG Kate Bag (She's BACK! YEA!) Harvest...

Has become quite sparse to say the least...

But on a much happier note, I'm so very pleased to report that my Kate Bag has resurfaced! You simply can't imagine how glad I am about this. I missed that bag!
Found it in the garage buried beneath the Costco bag of 16 rolls of paper towels. Have no idea how it got there, but am quite certain I'm the responsible party. (sigh)

Onto other things, namely my home patio San Marzano tomatoes (with a few other tomato variety interlopers). They're producing sorta kinda ok. Not a big production, but the ones I've harvested have been quite nice, as you can see. No tomato blight, which is simply delightful, but the odd summer weather has really cut into the numbers of ripe fruit.
My Community Garden tomato plants? Blight loaded, unfortunately. Tomorrow I'm taking a big old industrial size bag to the garden and taking out the plants. They'll be sealed in the bag and tossed. No compost heap for them!
Just one last note. This past weekend I made a bolognese sauce from my garden tomatoes. The hubs said it was the very best sauce he'd ever eaten and would I please make it exactly like that again and again. Damn...didn't write down one thing I did...


expect anything!


  1. oh, i hate it when that happens! why I haven't learned to write things down by this stage of my life i have no idea, but i can relate. glad you found your bag, hate it when that happens.


  2. If you remember that recipe, please share. My mouth is watering just thinking about it, and it's only 6:30 in the morning.

    That CGKate bag is awesome, glad you found it. The colors go so well with the harvest.

  3. Congrats on finding your bag! I hate when that happens - for me, it usually my favorite piece of clothing (later to be found in the heap in my closet!).

  4. I am LOLing about that bag. And not the least bit surprised that it was buried back there. I guess my phone wasn't working when you made that sauce. Cause I'm sure I would have been invited....

  5. Those peppers look good, the patio tomatoes look really good. Glad you found your Kate bag!

  6. I'm glad you found your bag and your harvest still looks real good! Laughed about the recipe. I never write things down either and just throw in a bit of this and a bit of that and then wish I remember later how I did it.

  7. oh no about the blight and the not remembering how you did the sauce. but I'm sure the sauce will come back to you.

    aren't those the kinds of tomatoes they rave about on the food network?

  8. It's always a relief to find something that was lost....especially something that's so dang special!!

  9. try if you can to remember that recipe and share with us all!!! it sounds delish

  10. Yeah on the CG Kate bag coming back to Momma!! I know that made you happy and I agree...when you do the sauce again...please write it down and share. I love a good sauce.

  11. What is with all the vegs this year? All summer they have looked horrible and haven't had much taste at all! Peppers all wrinkly - fruit is all wrinkly and soft...uck!

    Now - why wouldn't you compost those bad ones? (don't understand)

  12. Why did I think I remember reading a while back (quite a while) that you're not a cook or don't like it or SOMETHING like that? You made that without a recipe??? Holy cow!

    I had San Marzanos a couple of years ago. They produced very poorly for me. This year I have Amish Paste. Blew me away. Huge variety in size, but most of them are most than 1/2 a pound--yes, a plum tomato. Takes two to make a batch of marinara.


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