Friday, September 25, 2009

SWF - St. Paul's on the Green

Above uploaded from iPhoto

This one uploaded from Flickr - colors are wonderful, but I just can't get the sizing down.
What's up with THAT???

I've taken many a photo of this beautiful,
wonderful church over the years.
It is simply impossible to take a bad shot.


expect anything!

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9/25 6:56 pm UPDATE!!!!
My incredibly computer-savy bud, the fabulous Daryl, told me you can resize downloaded Flickr photos when using the Foxfire browser (NOT on Safari)! I never knew that. Sooooo...The above photo is finally correctly sized. THANK you from the very bottom of my heart, my friend! TTFN - I'm off to resize my other photos!


  1. Nicely framed photo. I like the leaves in silhouette.

  2. When you click on the Flickr photo, what's the width size? Is it the same as your blog's main wrapper?
    Now I'm confused, too.

  3. What a gorgeous shot! Lovely composition, the trees are the perfect frame!

    Have a great weekend!


  4. Norwalk?

    What a gorgeous church. Love that timeless quality. More than that, I love the blue sky.

  5. these colors sure are pretty! nice job.

  6. The tree frame foms a heart shape. Wonderful.

  7. That's my church! The original St. Paul's was burned by the British....

  8. It looks pretty in both shots. A beautiful church surrouded by beautiful sky and trees...doesn't get any better.

  9. If you use Firefox after you bring your photo into your blog you can edit the size by clicking on the photo and then pulling or pushing the corners to the size you wish .. but I am not sure why you are concerened about the size ... they both look great

  10. WoW Now that's a brilliantly colored sky & that white steeple really PoPs! How beautiful!

  11. I really want to visit that church during the winter holidays...I am intrigued by it.

    Lovely shots.

  12. this is a great photo considering you used your IPhone. when I take photos with my phone, there are not always clear. What's your secret?

  13. I sure would like to see that in looks so beautiful.


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